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  1. Stef1966

    whats the biggest beer you ever made?

    Highest ABV i ever got from my beers was 6.8% Not that high but after 3 or 4 i could feel the difference between that and my usual beers which usually average around 4.8 Was a red ale, brewed it last winter and i used to call it my "snow blower beer" :tank: Might brew something along those...
  2. Stef1966

    Ok, I'm not just being paranoid about infections...

    I've been told that the reason i never had an infected batch of beer is because i'm way up North in Canada... i'm beginning to think it's making sense... cause i'm probably not even half as anal about sterilization as most of you guys are. Just using bleach based soap on my kit and thats about...
  3. Stef1966

    Ok, I'm not just being paranoid about infections...

    Thats a good thing, I do enjoy the calm and open spaces of my country, plus it's not overcrowded and filled with a huge crime rate and economic disaster like some other countries i wont mention here...
  4. Stef1966

    Secret confession of a home brewer

    I have yet to try a beer i couldn't drink at all, but some stuff i tasted i wouldnt drink all evening long in a party. I enjoy most styles but i do have to agree with you, for me too much hops is like a sauce with too much pepper, pepper is a nice addition in a meal but too much of it and you...
  5. Stef1966

    Ok, I'm not just being paranoid about infections...

    Indeed... I guess i just have been pretty lucky so far, I only use a bleach based soap to clean/sanitize my stuff and i will cross my fingers but after a bit more than 2 years of brewing, never had the misfortune of catching an infection in any batch of beer i brewed.
  6. Stef1966

    Ok, I'm not just being paranoid about infections...

    Just move up to Canada... too cold up here for any bacterias to survive...
  7. Stef1966

    Primary bucket... Quebec style!

    I got airlocks on my secondary glass carboys, but i just don't use a secondary anymore so i don't get to see them bubbles... ...crap, i guess i'll just burn in Hell then...:mug:
  8. Stef1966

    I know i'm leaving myself open to being ribbed here...but....

    Who needs a airlock and a blow off tube?
  9. Stef1966

    The stupidest comment on your beer

    I wouldn't mind it at all. Getting drunk with flavor as a bonus? Count me in! :mug: I say some people were simply born without the right palate for beer, they will just never get it. Some say beer is an acquired taste, i have to disagree, had my first sip of beer when i was about 12 and i...
  10. Stef1966

    New Obsession: La Maudite (Unibroue)

    As already mentioned, great info in this thread. Thanks a lot for the recipe! :mug:
  11. Stef1966

    Are you guys for real?

    If im getting invited over dinner and the owners offer me a coors light as it's all they have, i certainly will drink it without a fuss. But if given choices, i would pick something else for sure, here in Quebec we get unibroue products and some are usually cheaper then Bud or Coors or all...
  12. Stef1966

    racking to a secondary? really?

    Sithdad it will clear out in the bottles anyways, so why waste extra time and energy?
  13. Stef1966

    The stupidest comment on your beer

    That's my general opinion about most people I meet, most people go trough their lives like freaking robots that wouldn't dare to go on un-ventured roads like trying a new kind or style of beer... Most people are just that... fraidy cowards that do exactly like they always were told to do and...
  14. Stef1966

    Beer Floaties

    happened to me twice for two different batches, no odd tastes, the beer was as good as usual, i drank the whole batches that were like that. Never could figure out what it was, nothing was done differently during the brewing/bottling process.
  15. Stef1966

    Confessions of a lazy brewer

    Im probably one of the laziest around, i only primary for two weeks sharp and off in the bottles it goes. And i don't do any of what you mentioned you don't do either. I do however collect yeast, i take 3 empty beer bottles, wash em, fill them about a half from a yeast cake, cap em and i put...
  16. Stef1966

    Your oldest brew?

    I just cant keep myself from drinking em all very long, longest i could keep a home brew was 8 months, i say yes, the flavor was definitely improved, but not to the point i would like to age them that much on purpose, im not that fancy palated about beer.
  17. Stef1966

    Am I the Only One ?

    I don't remove the labels on the little 12oz bottles i use cause they are Corona's and Sol, both labels are being spray painted on, so i don't know how i could remove that, and i don't give a shiat really... it's what's inside that counts. I removed those that were on my 750ml cause they are...
  18. Stef1966

    My Neighbors Are...

    Earplugs are cool when you have noisy neighbors. But I don't need em, i live in the country, pine trees don't make rave parties... Well if they do, i never heard them do it. :)
  19. Stef1966

    The Exploding Carboy Club...

    Yeah milk crates are the way to go. I do not find lifting a full 5 gal glass carboy to be a heavy lift, but after reading a couple of horror stories about em i have quit doing so without them being seated in a plastic crate. Best yet, the last 4 batches of beer i made were all done without...
  20. Stef1966

    taste my beer the day of bottling?

    I like to have a sample before bottling, even though it tastes awful compared to what's it's gonna taste like in a few weeks, it gives me an idea of the overall taste of the beer, i can sort of "imagine" how it's going to be doing that.