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  1. beerlackey

    Suggestions for house lager yeast

    Patirck: There are many yeasts that will 'work' for the styles you list, it all depends on your taste buds. I have used a about a dozen lager yeasts so far and they all have their pros & cons. They joy of home brewing is the ability to try new yeasts and formulations. I like WL 838 for malty...
  2. beerlackey

    Help! Did I over pitch?

    Just a report out - I finally kegged and carbed the batch that I thought I over pitched. everything turned out fine, the beer is great! I did get a quick and vigorous fermentation and it it finished in 2 days, yeast dropping out nicely. I gave it another week and racked off to secondary and...
  3. beerlackey

    WLP 029, ale temp then lager?

    Wyeast Kolsch 2565 will ferment in mid 50's and it says so on their web page; WLP Kolsch 029 may or may not ferment that low and they publish 65-69°F on their web. I have made several batches with Wyeast Kolsch fermented at 56-57 (Kolsch, American Wheat, and an APA's) and they all turned...
  4. beerlackey

    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    Count me in - beerlackey
  5. beerlackey

    Help! Did I over pitch?

    I was brewing today and while waiting for the boil, I decided to rack a Blonde Ale I made a few weeks ago with Nottingham yeast to a keg. As I did so I decided that I could reuse the yeast in the carboy for my next batch, which also requires Nottingham Yeast. Long story short, I added some...
  6. beerlackey

    WPL 029 kolsch yeast. good for other styles?

    Kolsch yeast is very versatile. I prefer the Wyeast 2565 stain. I have made APA's, American Wheat, American Blonde, European Lagers, Oktoberfests and of course Kolsch style beers with this yeast and all have turned out well. It will ferment in the 56-68 degree range and my original intent...
  7. beerlackey

    lager yeast

    Yes, lager yeasts work very well with wheat beers - Pyramid Hefewizen is one commercial example and in my opinion one of the best American Style wheat beers. There are numerous other micro breweries wheats that use lager yeast as well. Until recently, I have been unable to ferment lager...
  8. beerlackey

    kolsch fermentation temp question

    Wyeast Kolsch yeast will give satisfactory result from about 55 to 68 degrees. The colder the better for a crisp lager like quality, but if you pitch colder than 60 you will need a healthy starter, at least a liter/quart and 1.5 would be better. This is one of my favorite yeasts and hard to...
  9. beerlackey

    Best beer bar or brewpub in Sacramento

    Folsom is not to far from Rancho, which is not too far from Sac... In Folsom check out Samuel Horne's Tavern in downtown Folsom - it's not fancy, but functional. They carry about a dozen California Micro brews on tap, which change all the time, and about 50 bottle beers. Food is simple pub...
  10. beerlackey

    Question on Yeast Subsitution

    At this point in my homebrewing, I can only ferment in the house which is approx 65 dregrees, so this limits me to ales. However, I would like to brew an Octoberfest kit which is a lager and requires lower temps than I can provide. Can I substitute the Wyeast 2112 - California Lager or Wyeast...