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  1. Bobbybob

    RIS with LalBrew Voss Kveik

    You won’t be disappointed, it does it all. I have brewed 9 beers from a barley wine to stout to a fake lager (actualy Krispy not Voss) it has preformed amazingly for all. I am actually planing a utopia style extreme beer using it as the base then super high gravity for anything that is left.
  2. Bobbybob

    GIVEAWAY FOR INKBIRD Wi-Fi ITC-308 Temperature Controller & INK-HM 20W Heat Mat

    Not a brew day but a cider caning/pressing day.
  3. Bobbybob

    I'm about to give up.

    Here is a some slides of the presentation I was talking about. Except for one Berliner Weiss style I made I have never made a mixed fermentation beer (on purpose). That being said it is on my to brew list to make a “Banana Bomb Hef” with this method.
  4. Bobbybob

    I'm about to give up.

    There was a great presentation at Homebrew con a couple of years ago about mixed fermentation. In it he talked about Torulaspora Delbrueckii and how it has a feedback loop effect with hef yeast causing 10 to 20 times more banana ester production. They actually thought it was the original German...
  5. Bobbybob

    Odd taste in a few batches!

    Bleach is more on sanitization side of things just rinse well. You can use bleach as a “cleaning agent” but oxyclean free would be better. Honestly it sounds more like an infection to me. How did you sanitize you buckets.
  6. Bobbybob

    First Brewzilla Brew

    I did get a stuck sparge on my first brew. I forgot to add the rice hulls. Bunch of grain down the over flow pipe the whole deal. Pulled the pipe out set it on a 8 gallon bucket. Drained wort and cleaned it. When I took the gravity it was pretty close to where it need to be so I strained the...
  7. Bobbybob

    A first look at the Brewzilla 65L 240v USA version

    Not from Kegland. I wish it didn’t come with the chiller, now I have two stainless coils and nothing to do with them.
  8. Bobbybob

    Oregon Electric Brewing set up.

    Panel sold! Congratulations BrewdyQuah. Still have a 26 gallon, and a coil for sale.
  9. Bobbybob

    Oregon Electric Brewing set up.

    30 gallon pot with pictured gear sold, Congratulations Barlee. Still have a 26 gallon pot w/gear (200), and a 50 Kal clone panel (500). Also bump.
  10. Bobbybob

    Less Expensive Can Seamer

    Before I put the top on and and slide the handle into the locked position it has a small amount of play. Once the handle is locked the can is super solid. I am down to 1 bad can per 100 or so.
  11. Bobbybob

    A first look at the Brewzilla 65L 240v USA version

    So I have been an electrician for almost 15 years and have never installed a outlet like this one. It’s little brother is used on many older vacuum systems. Why not just switch out the cord? I have several 105c cords in my garage if temp is the issue. The voltage drop at my house with a 50...
  12. Bobbybob

    Oregon Electric Brewing set up.

    About 30 dollars. You would probably be better just to buy a new one from stainless brewing then you can match it to your needs for about the same price.
  13. Bobbybob

    Oregon Electric Brewing set up.

    Yes still have the herms coil.
  14. Bobbybob

    Oregon Electric Brewing set up.

    Looks like 60 dollars UPS ground
  15. Bobbybob

    Anybody in PDX area have a canner?

    Yes. I got a cannular with kegarator adjacent. Just realized how old this post was. It was a different time.
  16. Bobbybob

    Oregon Electric Brewing set up.

    Well after a lot of drama this is back on the market. Thems are installed. 500 for the control panel, plus shipping if needed. 200 per pot with the gear pictured, plus shipping. Just a note the shipping cost form west coast to east coast is very expensive, north south is less so not sure why.