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  1. Brewin_Bob

    Another mother of fermentation chamber

    That peephole is pure win, in my opinion. Your ferm chamber looks really nice. I gotta get back into this obsession!
  2. Brewin_Bob

    help figuring out what my wife got me???

    My vote's for custom fit cod-piece ... just because.
  3. Brewin_Bob

    Soldering Stainless steel

    I've been absent from the forums for a while, so here's my "stupid" question. Would it be worthwhile to solder a stainless coupler onto an aluminum pot? Or is that a bad idea? Thanks.
  4. Brewin_Bob

    Future Brewer

    Congrats, Melana and John! Fun times ahead!! Especially when they get old enough to remind you it's time for the next hop addition. :D
  5. Brewin_Bob

    Stainless steel question

    Thanks, kladue. Naturally, I'll get some scrap metal to test technique with first.
  6. Brewin_Bob

    Stainless steel question

    I'm looking around YouTube. Is there a good how-to video or write up on how to silver solder a coupling onto a repurposed keg?
  7. Brewin_Bob


    LOLOL!!! Dude, your awesomeness is showing.
  8. kings_full_logo_2


  9. Brewin_Bob

    Joining the ranks of logo/label attempts

    Thanks all for the replies! I used Inkscape and the overlapping colors are due to the fill that I used. For the kings, I didn't want just a plain fill. But, as you can see, the fill I used didn't have the effect I wanted. @LGI and Parker - Dammit, no, I didn't catch the possible 'KKK'...
  10. Brewin_Bob

    Joining the ranks of logo/label attempts

    Any critique would be greatly appreciated. I'm a software developer, not an artist. Please be gentle. :D
  11. KingsFullBreweryinitiallogo


  12. Brewin_Bob

    Say Hi To Our Boy!

    Congrats, Evan!! :mug:
  13. Brewin_Bob

    THE Pol, NEW BABY!

    Congrats, POL!!! :mug: Glad to hear that mom and lil' Robert are doing great! I'll toast to your newest addition when I get home.
  14. Brewin_Bob

    opinion choices for evil stepchild

    Oh, bet. Move to Tennessee and get the biggest bang for your buck!! Don't know if it'll apply to you and your mom but, remember to call her every now and again (read: at least every other week) to avoid the "you never call your mother" speech/tears. Here's wishing you the best!! :mug...
  15. Brewin_Bob

    opinion choices for evil stepchild

    I would go with the school that you currently have picked out, mostly because you're convinced that you will get a better education from it. As far as debt goes, how much would you be saving per year using your stepmom's discount? Since you're live in Texas most of the year, you should still...
  16. Brewin_Bob

    Fkking jackass

    Not unless you caved his knees in with a 9-iron. Just sayin' ... just kidding (sort of) :ban:
  17. Brewin_Bob

    texts from last night

    Should NOT have looked at that site today. There goes my productivity.
  18. Brewin_Bob

    make a cooler box using fridge parts?

    Of course, I clicked the link ... good burn
  19. Brewin_Bob

    Just saw Star Trek

    Effing excellent!! I really liked how Pine, 'Sylar', and Karl Urban mimicked Shatner/Nimoy/Kelly's mannerisms without being exactly like them. Karl Urban did a BADA$$ McCoy and Simon Peg always cracks me up!! Definitely a must-see. Abrams made up for that failure-waste-of-my-time Cloverfield.