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  1. cooper

    Why is it so hard to find good commercially produced mead?

    Have you tried ordering online? I haven’t had any from Michael Fairbrother but it’s supposed to be really good.
  2. cooper

    Super Berry Melomel

    Not hijacking the thread at all!! We’re all here to learn something new or refine our processes and it’s all good information that will benefit everyone whether it’s this thread or another. Keep the info rolling!
  3. cooper

    Super Berry Melomel

    I think it was in a beersmith podcast that I was watching where Steve Piatz mentioned that he only keeps the fruit in primary for a week and then racks it to a secondary after three weeks to minimize head space and let it condition more. Also the fruit was looking pretty rough after a week of...
  4. cooper

    Doing extract kits

    Yup. It’s not necessary as they’ve done all the acid treatments when they were creating the extract. All we need to do is rehydrate a bit and boil. One caveat though is some styles can benefit from a bit more cacl2 or sodium in the boil but that’s largely personal preference and not needed.
  5. cooper

    SS Mesh Basket + mash recirculation

    I picked up a 300 micron basket from UBD that had solid sides except for the bottom 4 inches or so and had drainage issues. The flow couldn’t keep up. After that I picked up a standard basket from UBD at 400 micron and no solid sides and it’s been working like a charm.
  6. cooper

    Super Berry Melomel

    I'd say the fermentation temps are likely the culprit. A few of my buddies have made mead where they've let the fermentation temps get out of hand and got the rocket fuel taste that just doesn't mellow out. It's easy for that to happen when you're starting out with on OG of around 1.150 or more.
  7. cooper

    Super Berry Melomel

    This is tasting fantastic now! Absolutely no alcohol burn and I get a ton of berry and honey flavor with it. FG was 1.015 and the acidity and tannin level is right where it should be and the only thing I'd do if I made it again was try not to change anything. It's one of those that makes you...
  8. cooper

    Kegmenter Fermentation Keg - 7.6 gal

    Too bad this doesn’t come in a 1/4bbl. This is awesome!
  9. cooper

    Kegmenter Fermentation Keg - 7.6 gal

    This might have been better posted over in the equipment section.. Maybe a moderator can move it for me.
  10. cooper

    Kegmenter Fermentation Keg - 7.6 gal

    Anyone ever try one of these? What are your thoughts? I've been doing this in my five gallon corney with the Clear Beer Draught System so this looks like a slightly scaled up version.
  11. cooper

    Low Mash pH Effect on Taste in Pilsner

    ExBEERiment idea! :rock:
  12. cooper

    Low Mash pH Effect on Taste in Pilsner

    Looks like it came out great! You said it tasted delicious too so I'd call it a win. It would be a good test as Vale71 mentioned to see if everything did get fully converted, but I'd be super happy with those numbers and that final beer pH is right where I'd like it to be if I were testing it.
  13. cooper

    Low Mash pH Effect on Taste in Pilsner

    @micraftbeer, how did it turn out? Did you get a final pH reading of it after fermentation? Interesting stuff!
  14. cooper

    Brew-Boss Opinions

    I like everything about my BrewBoss except the controller. I found it a little too difficult to make changes and it was difficult to operate in manual mode; but I'm different in the fact that I don't care for too much automation. I like to be able to easily do different step mash routines and...
  15. cooper

    Did I over-bitter this beer?

    The best thing to do would be to taste it and see if you like it. I've brewed many Pale Ales/IPAs that came in with an OG between 1.050 and 1.060 with at least 60 IBUs and they've been tasty. Let us know how it goes once you get it packaged!
  16. cooper

    Your experience with Citra

    Citra varies from year to year for me. And if I'm able to get my final pH under control from the massive amounts I use.
  17. cooper

    Discussion on malty German beers

    Thanks! I'll definitely give this a shot in my next batch!
  18. cooper

    Discussion on malty German beers

    So are these rest temps good to do with all (highly modified) malts or more so for the Munich and/or Vienna? Such as: 20 minute rest at 146 20 minute rest at 149 20 minute rest at 153 20 minute rest at 162 15 minute rest at 168
  19. cooper

    First time keg fermentation goof

    Thanks! I'll have to do some shopping around. I think brewhardware has the post thread and barb piece but I'll have to take a look.