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  1. z987k

    For Sale 4 way secondary regulator

    $100 plus ship, which'll be about $20 unless you're local.
  2. z987k

    Boil kettle condenser - no overhead ventilation needed

    So given that the boil off rate will be lower, by say half, and you will have to reduce mash or sparge volumes to hit your targets, the efficiency of rinsing the sugars from the mash will be rather reduced and the concentration of wort will be reduced, what are people seeing for reduction in...
  3. z987k

    Anvil Foundry Mash Eff

    This is interesting. I have done 2 brews on the foundry, 1st a no sparge, mill gap at .035 and ended with 58% efficiency. Second was a big beer and adjusted down to a 4gal to it'd fit, mill gap at .025, 1.5qt/lb, sparged with 1.5gal. Got 65%. It sounds like I'm recirculating too fast, I...
  4. z987k

    Heirloom Corn

    That's probably because, aside from the popcorn, those are all the same exact corn.
  5. z987k

    Heirloom Corn

    Read an article about some distillers using heirloom varieties of corn in their bourbon. Has anyone sourced any of this and made a cream ale or even an American lager with it to see if the flavor comes through like they say it does in the whiskey? I...
  6. z987k

    Best Brewing Science Books

    I've been getting lots of PM's on the stuff I posted in the past. I no longer really visit this site, but I do still have everything. I zipped it up and It's hosted on some random file storage website, subject to go down again I'm sure, but for now here's everything I've got. If someone keeps...
  7. z987k

    Since when did boxed wine become "My Thing"

    I don't drink wine much.. but port. Oh Port!
  8. z987k

    GABF ticket purchasing

    So apparently it sold out in like 5 mins? People are PISSED on GABF's facebook wall. Last year it took almost a week iirc. Already being scalped on stubhub for 3x face value. lol.
  9. z987k

    GABF ticket purchasing

    Having problems today, purchased Saturday but it won't let me get Friday's. Not sold out... yet. Phone lines are down. WTF, isn't this ticketmaster?
  10. z987k

    Bourbon County Groupie

    It is an amazing beer. Wish I could get some.
  11. z987k

    Additives, and Cancer.

    Curious as to why you centrifuge it out? It's been found to be entirely harmless, except for a few extremely rare allergies.... but this is the stuff that pill capsules are made of. A person would have to have never taken a pill before to not know. It's used in a lot of medical applications...
  12. z987k

    Can Stout taps be used to server other beers

    Everywhere you said stout, replace the word stout with "serve on beer gas" and you would be correct. The faucet could care less the type of beer.
  13. z987k

    Used liquor barrels

    How big?
  14. z987k

    Buying in bulk

    It's beyond unnecessary. Unless you plan on keeping that grain for over a century, it'll be fine if you just keep it dry. You think farmers are out there purging O2 out of the grain silos?
  15. z987k

    Buying in bulk

    That's a waste of money.
  16. z987k

    Rain water?

    Rain water will be more acidic than your tap or whatever other source of water you use. If you're making a dark beer, you'll probably want to buffer it with something.
  17. z987k

    Extra Special Malt vs Special B

    I was told they are marketing it as a Special B replacement... but it doesn't matter because Briess is garbage anyways.
  18. z987k

    Grand Cru

    Well since this thread is from 2007 and his last activity was over a year ago.......
  19. z987k

    how come selling/buying is not allowed?

    I think if you looked into the initial investment most of us have in our equipment... which never seems to stop being upgraded or we get new toys... you have to brew a crap ton of beer to break even.
  20. z987k

    Best Sours?

    Duchess de Bourgogne Monk's Cafe. Bacchus Red Flemish Ale