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    Spring 2024 Corny Keg Giveaway

    Chocolate milk stout
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    What came in the mail for you today?

    Ingredients for my next 2 batches; a ESB, and a chocolate milk stout, a temp controller, and a ph tester.
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    Need more heat

    Probably not, but I have the option of stepping it up.
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    Need more heat

    So, my turkey fryer will heat 8 gallons to boiling with the pot covered, but will not maintain a rolling boil uncovered. I have no idea what the BTU s are. Would a different regulator hose(0-30psi) boost my BTUs enough or do I just need to spring for a new burner(200,000btu)? Thanks.
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    There has to be a better way to drain BIAB over a kettle at mashout without using a hoist

    Wouldn’t a circular ss grill grate work? Just sit the bag on top.
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    First all grain/BIAB

    2nd attempt, so far so good. Mash, boil, went well, ESB in the fermenter 🤞. 10# Maris Otter 1# Simpson Med Crystal .5# Special Roast 1.5oz E K G 60 mins 1.0oz E K G 10 mins Wy 1968 London ESB OG-1.052. 0 ice pk gel
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    First all grain/BIAB

    Thanks everyone for the help. I had to toss said batch due to a pin hole in an ice pack( I know, keep ice packs on the outside of the pot) lesson learned. Plan on another attempt this weekend. Will utilize the advice then. Thanks again.
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    First all grain/BIAB

    Yes, it is the across the pond from GF. Will be attempting again this weekend, as I had a major brain fart. In attempting to cool my wort, I threw in some sanitized ice packs, one of which had a pin hole. Picked up another kit yesterday, and tossed what I had. Every thing was going so well, up...
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    First all grain/BIAB

    Hey everyone, thanks for accepting my request. I Just started my first BIAB, an ESB from Great Fermentations in Indianapolis. So far, going pretty well, about to wrap up the 60 minute mash. I didn’t do anything with the water, I have well water that tastes good. It’s what I’ve used for extract...