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    Mini-Keg - Where to get CO2 cartridges

    I recently got a mini-keg that takes 3/8inch thread 16g cartridges. Shipping is kind of hard here, so was wondering if anyone knows where to buy them? Also do they have to be drink grade or could you use something like an airsoft CO2 cartridge?
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    New to Cider making - sulfur smell I know

    Update on this, I checked gravity and it's sitting at 1.002. Still smells like sulfur and after a quick taste, it's not so great. Pretty sour and can taste the smell. Has anyone fermented with citrus? I fermented with some citrus so I wonder if that has something to do with the sour. I don't...
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    Heat Pasteurizing and Carbonation... more stuff!

    One of the threads I read said they heated up to 190F before pulling off heat and putting bottles in. Is that too high?
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    Heat Pasteurizing and Carbonation... more stuff!

    I've heard that newer soda bottles don't have a great seal for this kind of testing pressure. They removed that blue rubber seal on the top of caps from what I can see. Is there an alternative other than the pressure gauge? I'm not sure the soda bottle method will work.
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    Bottle Carbo experiment

    I've been around many forums and found that it is generally not good practice to try and carbonate cider (or mead) in bottles sweet because of the bottle bombs that result. That being said, I recently came across a method that sparked my interest so I started to brain storm a bit. I also note...
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    Goodbye MO2, it's been fun...

    What's MOP if you don't mind me asking? I'm new to cider making and going the store bought method. Currently using Red Star Cuvee and it's producing the sulfur smells
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    New to Cider making - sulfur smell I know

    So I just wanted to do experiment on doing cider so I bought some grocery store apple juice and POG juice. I made sure there weren't any preservatives in them and it was good juice for this. I used Red Star Premier cuvee and yeast nutrients, woke up the yeast and did a good shake for waking the...
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    First time mead brew.

    Update: I've started brewing my first mead. After I had started I found that having potassium carbonate is a good thing to start with to balance the large swings in pH level, so I ended up buying it and adding it on day 2. I realized after adding, I may have added far too much (about 3/4...
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    First time mead brew.

    Hi. I have some questions about mead brewing as I want to try it out. I currently have had one successful beer brew and one unsuccessful cider brew. I've heard differing things on mead brewing as with most brewing, everyone has their different methods. I want to make a semi-sweet to sweet...
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    Gathering Wild Yeast....

    So I have been curious about the process of gathering Wild Yeast as I know some homebrewers do this. I have concocted a couple of sugary liquids which I found people do different things, some with honey water, some with simple syrup and some with fruit juices So far I know I've captured yeast...
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    Cider smelling very sour...? First time. (A journey)

    Thanks for the info! So just to be clear, if I wanted carbed sweet, I'd use nonfermentable sugar before bottling? And would I add campden tab before bottling as well as the priming sugar? Or just the priming sugar and the nonfermentable sweetener?
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    I am new here and very beginner homebrewer. Have a 2 gallon glass fermenters and love weird tasting beer (without any sour). I have lots of questions always, and am always trying to learn. I have so far brewed one porter (successfully) and am in the middle of a cider I started.
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    Cider smelling very sour...? First time. (A journey)

    This is my second time brewing so I am way beginner. First time I followed a kit and it was actually a really successful brew and was pretty enjoyable. Second time is now, (still brewing) a cider. I went to a natural grocer and bought unfiltered, pasteurized, no preservative cider and a couple...