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    Wanted Machine to shake 2 liter bottles

    Have you thought of using an air stone on your carb cap? It would make finer bubbles which would require less shaking to get dissolved in the water.
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    when and how to use beano?

    Siciliano’s must be diversifying. I love their lasagna!
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    Is this too left-field???

    I’ve not tried that but it sounds like a great idea. Why don’t you try an experimental 1 or 2 gallon batch and let us know how it turns out?
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    Gee whiz, what are you guys doing for corn these days?

    I can’t believe that grits cost almost $6/lb for you. It is about $1/lb for me. But I wait for sales and pay about 75 cents/lb.
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    Peanut Butter

    I’ve done peanut butter flavoring a couple of times by making a slurry of PB2 and vodka. Then dumping it in secondary.
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    Dry yeast question

    Everything that I’ve read about kveik says that it does not need a starter and does well under pitching. I did 2 beers recently with Lutra, I used half a packet each and they took off quicker and any ale yeast and came out great. And they were fermented a regular indoor AC temp.
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    End results with low mash efficiency

    You do need to change the gap in the grain mill for wheat. It is a smaller grain and will not crush correctly at the normal barley settings. Don’t forget to reset the mill after you are done. Also based on your recipe, you will need about a pound of rice hulls to avoid a stuck mash.
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    Has anybody tried making wine from cracked corn with Angel leavening?

    OK Erik, I think that I figured out where you went wrong. Corn needs to be crushed and cooked. But it then needs to be cooled to about 150 F and then mashed with some 2-row or 6-row malted barley. The amamyse enzyme in the barley will convert the starch in the corn to simple sugars that can them...
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    Has anybody tried making wine from cracked corn with Angel leavening?

    Eric, what else did you have in there besides corn, water and yeast?
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    Grainfather conical controller

    EDIT: The original post has an error in the schematic. I updated it in this version. The original digital controller for the Grainfather Conical Fermenter had a monochrome screen and pogo pins at the back. It was was upgraded to a newer version with a color screen and Wi_Fi. If you upgraded and...
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    First porter here

    Seeing as you are doing a small batch (1gal), I would consider using the Cascade hops for both bittering and flavoring. My reasoning is that I get hops in 1oz (28gram) bags. And hops start to spoil once opened. And the 60 minute addition is for bittering only. Also, I would adjust the 60 minute...
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    ideas on fixing stir plate

    I rarely see them with ball bearings. They are definitely better than 15 years ago. But in a very dusty environment, they will have a short life. And like I said, they do need to be properly balanced or that sleeve will wear out quickly.
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    ideas on fixing stir plate

    I built a couple of them last year from scratch and learned a lot. I used old computer fans and some surplus parts to build the controllers. Most of the DIY projects that I’ve seen show someone using one kidney shaped hard drive magnet that is epoxied on top of a fan. That is not enough. You...
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    Has anybody tried making wine from cracked corn with Angel leavening?

    Erik, Please be careful with that cracked corn. If the bag says "not for human consumption", then leave it be. Those have a small amount of mycotoxins that are allowable for deer and cattle but are at a level that are poisonous to humans.
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    Using Actual Caramel in Beer?

    Caramel is comprised of several hundred different compounds from the breakdown of sugar using heat. If used in beer, yeast will consume the short chain sugars and leave an unsweetened caramel flavor behind. Depending on the residual sweetness left in the finished beer, you might end up with...
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    Grain crush

    My rule of thumb is to set the roller gap to snuggly fit 2 regular sized business cards.
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    Corn Syrup

    Karo corn syrup contains salt and vanilla flavoring. I don’t care for salty beer, so that would be a no for me. However it is fairly simple to just make invert sugar. I prefer to use a little acid blend instead of lemon juice for a neutral flavor.
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    Keg gaskets, sealing gaskets and leaks

    I’ve had similar issues with some old kegs that I acquired. After cleaning and replacing o-rings, some of them would leak at the post or lid. Swapping lids and posts with another keg usually solved the issue. I know that it sounds crazy but it is the only solution that worked for me.
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    Dry Lutra Pitching Poll

    I just pitch about one third to one half of a packet and let it go.