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    need to attach sanke to corny keg.. but how!?

    hey guys! so here is what im looking at. i have a 4 tap jockey box that uses sanke couplers that i use every week. what im looking to do is have a rinse/sani corny keg to clean the lines after use so it doesnt sit until the next use. since corny kegs are the most practical way (that i see...
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    help! accidentally restarted fermentation =(

    on my first batch of skeeter pee here.. used sparkalloid to clear a few days ago.. cleared within 72 hours so i figured why not rack it and back sweeten it. well. i guess the sorbate and Kmeta didnt have time to do what theyre supposed to do, and it seems as though after adding my...
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    Skeeter Pee

    just finished clearing my first batch of pee with sparkalloid.. racked into new container and backsweetened. its still tasting a little hot though.. should i wait on bottling even though the directions say there is no need to age?
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    Skeeter Pee

    thanks for the response. ill give it a whirl with 3 rackings (seeing how youd probably know pretty well how this thing goes, judging by your sig) and see what happens. :mug:
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    Skeeter Pee

    ive got my batch fermenting like a champ right now, but looking at the directions it calls for what seems to be like 4 or 5 racks into different vessels.. how important to you think this is? i understand its for clarity, but if the recipe calls for the use of a fining agent.. why all the...
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    a very effective way to "start" skeeter pee

    yeah it does.. the thing thats tough for me is that ive never done a wine or anything other than beer so the activity is very different looking than what im used to. i see tiny bubbles rising to the top.. which i know is a good thing.. but at what bubbling point should i feel okay about adding...
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    a very effective way to "start" skeeter pee

    question for ya daze.. (or anyone else with an answer) ive had my starter going since last night as per your instructions.. added a bit of the SP must a few hours ago.. how active should i wait for the starter to be before i add more SP.. or add it to the SP batch itself? the apple start had...
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    Using distillers yeast for Skeeter Pee?

    i was planning on starting a batch of SP very soon, and was planning on going the dry yeast starter route (a la Dazes instructions and i was wondering what you guys thought of using distillers yeast. i have a packet of red star champagne yeast i was planning on using, but im also curious how...
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    created a new recipe today "creamy oat and caramel apple cider"

    subbed. very curious about the turn out.. sounds like a fantastic start!
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    Homemade brew pot

    ^^ either that or it doubles as a pot still... for water distillation of course. ;)
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    first brew question..

    wow i didnt expect this many replies so soon! looks like im in the right place. :D thanks for all the input! you know ive been reading a lot lately about the benefits of the self cleaning action the yeast appear to have, but it still seems to be a source of a lot of debate. i honestly dont...
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    first brew question..

    I just racked my brew into secondary after 7 days, which from reading the forum I've got mixed readings. Went from 1.072 to 1.018 in that time.. brew instructions say I should rack to secondary before the fermentation is complete which I know has slowed but not completed. Just curious what the...
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    Racking snafu question....

    Im curious as to the seasoned pros answer to this as well. Im a new brewer but as far as what I've read you should be fine as long as you didn't aerate it too much when you added it.
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    new south florida brewer

    im already looking at plans for a fermentation chiller, and i see what you mean atonk. swamp i would be one of those residents.. ive been here quite a while so my ideas of 'cold' and 'hot' are a little skewed. :p i am looking at combining a few plans ive seen for different fermentation...
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    new south florida brewer

    Hey guys! As my first post I figured this would be a good place for it to go.. anyways new south Florida brewer here.. 5 days into my first batch (though ive spent months lurking and reading) and im already realizing the difficulties im up against with the climate here. An added challenge...