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    Looking For A Temp Control/Lagering Fridge?

    I'm wondering if there are any dorm fridges out there that are large enough to serve dual roles. I'm want to get a temp control and use it for more precise fermentation and would also like to be able to lager in it. Anything out there that will let me do this? Thanks.
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    How Long Is My Starter Wort Good For?

    Cool, thats what I was hoping to hear.
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    How Long Is My Starter Wort Good For?

    I meant to brew over the holiday weekend but things came up. I made a starter wort on friday night covered it with aluminum foil and put it in the fridge. Will this still be good for me to use for a starter this coming weekend? thanks.
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    How Long Are You Aerating?

    I'm using a wine degasser attached to a drill for a couple of minutes and was just wondering if i'm doing enough to aerate? Whats your practice?
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    Ideal Temp For Long Term Storage?

    Thanks man, that site is great.
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    Ideal Temp For Long Term Storage?

    What is the ideal temperature for long term storage of beer adn wine?
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    Seasonal and Limited Release Beers!

    It's been a few months and I've managed to try a few more limited release/seasonal ales and thought I'd bump with the new additions. Feel free to add to the list if you've come across anything.
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    Age In Carboy or Bottle?

    So where am I better off ageing my RIS? I've got it sitting in a carboy right now that I have no forseeable need for. My other option is to keg it, get it carbed and then bottle it and put it away until Xmas. Thoughts?
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    Controllong how much people drink from a kegerator

    Yeah, I don't worry about it. Half the fun of making beer for me is enjoying it with friends and family.
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    Thick Mash vs Thin Mash

    Well I feel a bit better now. Thanks everyone.
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    Thick Mash vs Thin Mash

    Is there any benefit to having a thick or thin mash? I screwed up my math this morning when brewing and ended up with the thickest mash I've ever had. I'm just wondering if I could run into any problems because of that.
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    Seasonal and Limited Release Beers!

    Good enough. I'll give it until the end of the weekend and update things. After that I'll try to update it a couple of times a month. When you add a beer, if you know what month it was released add it please. Otherwise if I cant figure it out I'll just say what season it came out.
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    Seasonal and Limited Release Beers!

    I know I personally look forward to certain limited releases or seasonal beers every year. But a lot of times something new will come around and will be gone before I hear about it. So I was thinking we could use this thread as a place to post when you come across something new being released...
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    Why Lower Effeciency With Big Beers?

    Just wondering why effeciency goes down when making a big AG beer?
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    Impreial Stout Question?

    Ahh, gotcha. That makes sense. Thanks.
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    Impreial Stout Question?

    So my first two all grain beers have gone well. For my next beer I'm gonna do an Old Yeti clone which is calling for about twice the amount of grain that i used in my first two all grain beers. I've been heating my water to about 175'F, dumping it into the MLT and adding the grains when the temp...
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    Oatmeal Stout Question?

    Gonna do an oatmeal stout tomorrow. First time I've done one all grain. So dumb question, do the oats go in the mash tun along with the grain or in the boil? Thanks.
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    Barley Wine Sampling

    I've seen Moylans around on a regular basis adn I think it's pretty damn good. Averys is the only other I've seen regular and like it as well but but not quite as much.
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    Abyss is Seattle?

    Thanks Brewtopia. Also for anyone on the Kitsap Peninsula, Central Market in Poulsbo has a couple of cases. I ended up grabbing one for drinking a couple for the cellaring.
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    Abyss is Seattle?

    I think you may be thinking of Obsidian Stout. Good stuff but you can get it any time of year. The Abyss is a limited once a year deal. Everything I've read makes it sound fantastic. Thanks though. Kitsap Peninsula. Its almost enough to make me wanna drive down there. :drunk: And I have...