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    Thanks for the info. Do you need a pump to push it through the filter or does gravity work? Also, is the filter small enough to catch all the yeast sediments?
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    Fast Ferment Issue

    Thanks. I will look into adding a valve like you said. The sad part is that I used a Festa Brew kit so no sludge, no hop particles, the valve was fully open. I found a bunch of threads about how FF screwed up by using such a small ball valve. Did you buy the valve kit from FF or installed your...
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    I haven't even tried using this with a beer I brewed. I used a full 25l kit beer. Basically just pour it into the FF and add yeast. The Wort is super clear with zero sludge from the brewing process. I went back to the basics to experiment with the FF. So far I'm not liking it.
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    Fast Ferment Issue

    I was actually thinking of getting the Catalyst right before I decided on the Fast Ferment. No one else around here carried the Catalyst though :(
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    FastFerment problem

    I'm having the same problem with mine. Everything seems to build up right before the valve. I've done the double dump, tapping, poking before kegging but still way too much sludge making its way into my keg. I bought this setup to cut air exposure and reduce workload but so far I'm pretty...
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    Fast Ferment Issue

    Is anyone else having blockage issues with the Fast Ferment? How do you dislodge the yeast so it actually makes its way down to the collection bulb? I'm on my second batch and it clogged up both times.
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    Hello folks. I seem to be the only one that has a huge complaint about Fast Ferment conical fermenter. Has anyone else been experiencing problems with the yeast building up in the narrow part of the vessel right before the valve? I'm on my second batch and both times the sediments sit above...
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    GrainFather for Canadians

    Hello, I'm looking to get a Grainfather brewing system but I was recently told that the Canadian version does not work well because of the 120V CSA standards. Something about the maximum wattage not being sufficient to get a proper rolling boil. Can fellow Canadians share their experience...
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    In Secondary Fermentation for YEARS

    LOL, I did say generally.. Rochefort is a premium Belgian beer which is properly stored with live yeast. Belgian beers tend to age well but only for a certain amount of time. I tried a 20 year old corked bottled of Belgian trippel and it was flat and tasted like bile. This was a properly stored...
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    In Secondary Fermentation for YEARS

    I'm guessing it will taste horrible. It would have been fine if the airlock hadn't dried out. Now it will be heavily oxidized, all the hop aromas are pretty much gone and generally beer doesn't age very well. If you're lucky, you might be able to use it on your French fries lol.
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    Grain too old?

    It really depends how they were stored. I had Bohemian pilsner malt and it was only stored for a little over a year. I made my usual recipe and it had a really musty aroma to it. my supplies are stored in a basement cool room. I'm guessing the humidity got to the grains. Just go ahead and...
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    Yeasts you have had zero success with

    I think the buttered popcorn flavor isn't caused by the type of yeast. My buddy brewed a lager and it had a very similar off flavor. That flavor comes from an error during your brewing. CAUSES: A normal product of yeast during fermentation, it is re-absorbed during the course of a normal...
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    Hello from Ottawa "Canada"

    thanks for the advice! the only problem is I think this forum is dead. I haven`t seen much action there and their shop/price lists are outdated.
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    Hello from Ottawa "Canada"

    I'm glad I found this forum! I feel the wisdom spewing out of my monitor and into my brain! Anyone know of a home brewer's club in Ottawa? If not, we should start something up. Perhaps a monthly brew swap between fellow brewers! Also, anyone care to share any information on where to...
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    HOmebrew shops in Ottawa, Ontario ?

    I tried subscribing but I haven't received anything yet. I guess I'll try again. I spoke to a couple home brewer friends of mine and they are stoked about this being available to us! When do you think the next order will happen? and how does the ordering/payment work? I'd like to see...