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    Has anybody ever used corn or corn cobs during brewing?

    It is high time in Northwest Jersey for tons of good sweet corn. I was thinking of cutting some kernels off of a half dozen ears in the mash for an ale I am making to see how it does. I would be using about 5 pounds 2-row, one-pound caramel, and six ears worth of corn kernels. What do you...
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    romanian beer

    I read over that message and read the signature line and was thankful I don't feel that way about Romanians or hippies. Romania, te iubesc.
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    romanian beer

    In my week in Sighisoara I did find that I was constantly drinking tuiga of some quality or another, depending on who was looking for the bottle. I brought home about a liter and it is going too fast...
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    romanian beer

    By Silver Black I meant Silva Negra. May be the Ursus black you are referring to, but the bottle had no mention of Ursus. It was brewed by Silva. Maybe I just like mild pilsners? Heck I even enjoy a Bud sometimes, but I sure loved Ciuc.
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    Need Pressure Relief O-ring For Sanke Tap

    I am having a leak through my pressure-release valve on a Sanke tap. It appears to be a standard tap. I see that you two are discussing replacing an O-ring. My question is, How do you get that release valve off?
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    romanian beer

    I just stayed in Romania for a week and I much preferred Ciuc to Ursus. In fact, I could not get enough Ciuc. I brought two home. One for now, and one for a chance meeting with a thirsty Romanian. Are you drinking any Silver Black? I hated the Redd's. Too lemony. Any leads on Ciuc...
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    Perpetual NY/NJ/CT bulk grain thread?

    I am down for one bag 2-row!
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    Samuel Adams Noble Pils

    Just stopped at Friday's to grab some appetizers. The manager reduced the price of Noble Pils pints to 2.50 cause nobody buys them! I had two!
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    Whats your carbon footprint... about beer, really.

    At first I was going to come up with some angry reply to what you just wrote, but you are entitled to your opinion. Also, I am too busy bringing a bowl of kitchen waste out to my ugly compost heap! I don't consider myself a hippie *********, but I do feel that it is important for all of us...
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    Perpetual NY/NJ/CT bulk grain thread?

    It appears I missed this buy but I will check back in the future. mikehoffmann7 at gmail dot com
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    Right Under My Nose (Commercial Beer Recommendations)

    Got out of my day job with three hours to spare. I picked up the George Hal and Co. Prize Old Ale. I have never tasted anything like this in my life. This was the Old Ale I remember seeing, and I will have to compare it with the one mentioned earlier. Goes good with my ham and mashed...
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    Right Under My Nose (Commercial Beer Recommendations)

    Luckily Anchor Porter is readily available around here!
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    Right Under My Nose (Commercial Beer Recommendations)

    I remember seeing "Old Ale." I gotta get back there.
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    Right Under My Nose (Commercial Beer Recommendations)

    Nice! This week I will check out anchor porter, hacker pschorr, and weihenstephan! I also bought a Founder IPA but found out it was twistie tops!!! Good beer, but useless bottles.
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    Right Under My Nose (Commercial Beer Recommendations)

    So here in Brigewater, NJ we have quite a few liquor stores. There is even a Drive-thru. I have been unable to find a good beer selection. Yesterday, however, I stepped into a Super Saver Liquor on route 22 next to the Ace. Oddly enough, the first box of beer I saw was a Rye beer. The small...
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    My Ugly Junk- Corona Mill Station...

    I have an equally ugly Corona mill set up. What I also have is an old huffy stationary bike. What I am thinking of is pedal power. I was never taught to be the most mechanical person in the world. Could anybody on here with a mechanical inclination get me started? I would imagine I would...
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    When does it stop?

    I am in Central Jersey. I brew when I can with hops growing at two of my friends' places - one in North Jersey and one in North Central massachusetts. My style is to use local ingredients when I can. I would love to buy some of those hops from you this fall. My first AG batch is fermenting...
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    tap water vs spring water

    Here in North Jersey there is a natural spring in the state park running from a pipe 24/7. This is where I get all my drinking water. Does this still have to be boiled? I would think for AG brewing it would not work right? I am new to this, and would like to learn more.
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    Free Refrigerator in NJ

    I am looking at it right now. We just replaced it. I don't have the room to use it for brewing. PM me if interested. I am in Somerset Co.
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    New 5 gallons of beer getting ready in NJ

    Bobby - I am just up river in Bridgewater.