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    3" TC with fitting on INSIDE of clamp?

    Ss brewtech sells a 3 inch tri clamp spray ball (I bought one) and it is essentially a 3 inch tri clamp with 1/2 inch mpt fittings on both sides, with a spray ball threaded into the inside fitting. So I'm guessing they probably carry the same prefer without the spray ball. You may have to...
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    Maryland 15G Spike BIAB Setup Good to Go!

    Would you consider selling the basket separately? Curious about the dimensions, to see if it would fit in my mash tun.
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    2.5lb C02 tanks, single gauge c02 regulators

    I would like to buy 1 co2 tank, please. How do I send payment?
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    Mesh basket in mash tun - efficiency loss?

    I'm wondering if anyone here has some experience with this. I currently use a brew bag ("The Brew Bag") as a primary filter in my mash tun. Long story, but I've found it helps a ton with slow mash recirculation and sparging issues versus using only my domed false bottom. I'm upgrading to a...
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    conical fermentor 12.5-15g

    Check out this kickstarter program, I'm planning on investing on it for a 14g conical with tri clamps. $450 right now Sent from my VS980 4G using Home Brew mobile app
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    New grain mill - rusted rollers??

    question for those of you with grain mills. I just opened my brand new grain mill the SWMBO bought me for xmas, and I noticed that the rollers are pretty rusty in between the knurls. Has anyone else seen this on a never-used mill before? And do you think this is ok to use, or should I...
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    New grain mill - rusted rollers??

    moved to a different section
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    High FG from the cold?

    How long do you think it was down in the 40F range?
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    Wisconsin All Grain Equipment

    pm sent about Barley Crusher
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    Post a pic of your most recent brew day!

    10 gallon batch of dunkelweizen last weekend
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    Pre boil vs post boil

    I'm guessing your pre boil reading was off. If you started at 1.041 at 2.75 gallons and boiled off to 1.8, you should be at 1.063 post boil. I'm guessing like someone else mentioned, your wort wasn't well mixed for your pre boil sample.
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    Real honey vs honey malt

    How did you add the honey malt in your experiment? Did you put honey malt directly into the carboy? I've never heard of doing that, I've always mashed honey malt.
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    Real honey vs honey malt

    Just use the honey malt sparingly. It is ultra sweet and not fermentable, it can be overpowering. I use it in a blonde ale and a half pound is plenty in a 5 gallon batch in my recipe. But give it a shot and see if you like it.
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    93% efficiency?

    The confusion is based on everyone using the term "efficiency" to describe what is normal and what isn't, and some of them are referring to different types of efficiency. The OP is slightly confusing because, while I read it as pre-boil efficiency due to the numbers given, the calculator states...
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    wilserbrewer BIAB Bags, Triple Play Value Combo

    Out of curiosity, is there any disadvantage to using one if your dry hop socks for boiling with a hop spider, other than reduced hip capacity? It would seem like a great fit for the diameter of my spider.
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    93% efficiency?

    Are we talking total brew house efficiency here or mash efficiency? I get mash efficiencies in the low 90s but my total efficiency (based on post boil gravity and volume) is usually around 78%. Is everyone talking abort the same efficiency calculation? It looked like OP posted pre- boil numbers.
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    Slow fermentation?

    No problem here. I've had us-05 take almost 24 hours to start. Dry yeast sometimes takes a little longer than liquid in my experience.
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    Iowa 15 gallon brew pots, mash tuns, 5 gallon corney keg, 5 lb CO2 bottle

    Dang I would take your co2 tank and am in cedar rapids for class today but schedule is really tight. I'll be back in town in 2 weeks though in case you still have it. Pm me if you happen to be in cedar rapids today. Thanks