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    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

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    Hop T-Shirt

    Perhaps I do. Or I could mean, "My hops is bigger than yours." or "My hops kicks your rhizome's"
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    Hop T-Shirt

    The hops in my beer is better than two in the bush.
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    Howto: Capture Wild Yeast

    I got all inspired and went out and captured a nose smelling will yeastlast week, just before it started to warm up. The start smelled quite bready but now has a bit of tartness to it as well. It seems to need cooler temps so I will most likely start it cool. Or perhaps do 2 batches, one in the...
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    beerthirty makes a porno

    Holy crap! That is so rad! You suck!
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    using electric

    I would love to see a rough schematic if you have it!
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    Show us your Kegerator

    It is too bad about the tap but I am going to thread a bolt so booth doors open together and call it good. I am planing on two more taps for now as one was inside the keg on a shaft and I got another unused one from a guy who was getting out. Plus a party tap for party's and a 4th keg if I want it.
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    Show us your Kegerator

    and more recently a drip tray Still a ways to go. I will be adding 2 more taps over time (I have the taps but need the line) and will also have a pony inside for the secret stash. SWIMBO insists I keep the freezer available for baby food. Can Do.
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    Show us your Kegerator

    So I got this baby off craigslist for cheap with tap, lines and CO2. The moding begins... First mod was some better tap handles than the Bud Light one it came with.
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    Use Hose Clamps

    +1 A hose clamp is not the place to go cheap. ps, nice car
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    If you like that sort of thing...;)
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    Cheapest way to get into Kegging

    I just bought a Keggerator on Craigslist 2 days ago for less than the price of kits. Has Perlick taps (2) a Perlick regulator, 5lb CO2 tank, I cleaned the hoses, will get a splitter and hook up the ball locks... the fridge and freezer were free if you want to think of it that way... YMMV. Now I...
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    Howto: Capture Wild Yeast

    Stickie? I would bet this would be a rather useful thing to have at the top of the forum...
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    kick-a$$ fermenter

    I have 2 of those and am toying with using one or both as gravity kegs for "real ale." It's an idea anyway.
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    Cask conditioning

    Thanks, Ill look it up at my HBS
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    Cask conditioning

    Thanks again Janx. Good reference there btw.
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    Red wheat

    Thans, maby I will make bread with it to eat with my beer by other grains then... Or if I have more time than I expect I will go for adventure eh? Thanks
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    Red wheat

    It is not malted or anything, still in bags and a bucket. The beer I saw seemed darker and realy high alcohol. 9%. I am willing to try something like that if I can find out more I saw it at a "Rock bottom" brew pub and didnt actualy get it cose I was driving and realy hungry and knew 9% would do...
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    Cask conditioning

    While I was in england I had several realy nice beers that were cask conditioned and were not carbonated at all and had to be pumped out of the keg with a special tap. They were also served room temp. Anyone know more about this system and where one may be able to get hold of the type of keg and...
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    Red wheat

    I have 50+ lb of the stuff and am wondering what sort of wild and wonderful stuff I can come up with. So far I have seen some wheat beer stuff including a good looking wheat bock. Anyone out there have some other good ideas for using this stuff. Malting, all grain, hybrid etc.? Thanks guys