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    North Carolina MoreBeer 27 Gallon Heated/Cooled Fermenter

    Could be a fun road trip, we've got lots of good breweries down here!
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    North Carolina MoreBeer 27 Gallon Heated/Cooled Fermenter

    I'm downsizing my batches and need to sell my morebeer conical. I'm located in Durham, NC. Let me know if anyone is interested, asking $1,500 for it. Thanks, Russ.
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    Morebeer 10 gallon sculpture/ conicals/or Ruby system

    Hello. I have a MoreBeer 24 gallon heated and cooled conical I'm thinking about selling. Let me know if you are interested and I can give you more details. I'm in Durham, NC.
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    24 gallon Conical for sale

    Hey, I'm located in Durham, NC.
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    24 gallon Conical for sale

    I have a 24 gallon heated/cooled conical from morebeer for sale. You can get all the spec's at Let me know if anyone is interested. I'm located in Durham, NC. Sells new for $2350. Make offer.
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    locating a "fill while you wait" propane, CO2? (NC)

    I get my tanks filled at Ace Hardware, I know BJ's re-fills, I think Sam's Club does too.
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    big kettle-physics problem

    Hey, just thought I'd chime in real quick. I use a 30 gallon aluminum pot. I ended up using 2 burners to bring to a boil. Once boiling I'm able to maintain a nice rolling boil with one. I also partially cover the pot with a lid, and watch it like a hawk during the initial boil. I tried marbles...
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    Bazooka T and I.C. Conflict in Keggle

    I made three short legs for my IC to clear my bazooka screen. In doing this I was able to position the chiller in the center of the keg for better cooling. I made the legs by modifying 3 copper tee's with my trusty dremel tool, a few hose clamps. It works great. Hope this helps.
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    Anyone ferment in converted keg??

    I used kegs for quite a while. Until I was able to buy my conical. I tried several variations for lids, ranging from clear plexiglass to a 12'' domed lid from a pot. I always use blow-off tubes, this allowed me to squeak about 12.5 gallons out of the batch. To secure the lid, I used some rubber...
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    Secondary, Keg or Carboy

    You can skip the secondary and leave it in the primary carboy for 2 to 3 weeks without any worries. Then, fill you keg, carbonate, and wait as long as you can before cracking the tap! The longer you wait, the better. I've done it this way for years, it saves a transfer step and reduces risk of...
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    Immersion chiller question

    I use a 1/2 hp utility pump from Sears. I brew 20 gallon batches and use a large 30 gallon garbage bin to hold my ice blocks/water. I recently tried to cool a 20+gal to 50 degrees. I was only able to get to 65 before I ran out of ice. I also use a agitator to help with even cooling and it...
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    Conical/lager question

    Hello. I brewed my first lager last Sunday. I'm using a conical and was wondering if and when I should dump the yeast/trub. I'm fermenting at 50 degrees and I'm not seeing very much airlock activity. I realize lagers are slow going and was planning on at least a 3 week primary ferment. Any tips...
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    Burner or Burners under a BIG KETTLE

    I just built a dual burner set-up for my 30 gal brew pot. I used 1'' black pipe as a stand for the pot, a made legs for the two burners. I only brewed once with this set-up, but I'm pleased with it so far. I use two burners to get the boil started, then use one to maintain the boil. I can send...
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    Best way to insulate Sanke Mash Tun?

    I recently bought this from: It's the same foam that MoorBeer uses on there conicals, I also use it my my sanke. 12680 ARMAFLEX sheet 1" THICK X 36" X 48" It works great. You can use glue to attach, or I use zip ties. I use the keg for other reasons...
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    Yeah, I have a few of them too. I was kind of surprised, but they work fine. If I ever have some free time, I might look into converting it to stainless.
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    Question About oxygenating Your Wort

    does the aeration time change based on the volume of wort? I brew 20 gal batches, and was wondering if I need to increase my time.
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    Aluminum Kettles - What Are Good Brands?

    I bought a 120 qt from instawares last year and have very happy with it so far. Shop around and pick the one that uses the thickest gauge metal. Cheers...
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    Kegging Questions

    There are 2 types of kegs, ball lock and pin lock. Ball lock kegs are more common. Check out morebeer or northern brewer online for some ideas. Ebay is a good source for used ones. You will need to replace the o-rings also, any homebrew shop carries them. You will also need to buy a CO2...
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    anybody use an I.C. and a bazooka tube in their kettle?

    I use a bazooka tee in my kettle, which also has a flat bottom. I've tinkered with a few different ways to use my IC. One way is to build short legs for your chiller so that it sits just above the bazooka. I also tried putting some mesh screen inside the chiller, I just slid it between the...
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    Any one brew large batches

    Hello. I started brewing 25 gallon batches, and my mash tun is to small to handle 40+ pounds of grain. I'm currently using a keg conversion from Breetree. I was wondering what others are using. Any thoughts? I was considering buying a large aluminum stock pot with a few modifications. Thanks...Russ