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    Noticed Something Today

    I'd also guess it stretched out due to lifting in the vertical position.
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    Ferment in keg ... how to measure volume?

    I use this device, which is also very handy once you transfer to your serving keg of course. Minor modification, leave the large black magnet on the outside while you fill it. You can "feel" the level by sliding it up while you fill it. It's really quite easy once you try it.
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    Ball and Keg Level indicator

    I just saw that they have a sale using coupon code Red15 if anyone is interested.
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    Why do you seldom see high gravity lagers?

    Baltic Porter can be a good high gravity lager.
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    Ball and Keg Level indicator

    Mine all stay in my kegs and I never remove them during cleaning, sanitizing, purging or filling. There should be no problem for you with that.
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    Ball and Keg Level indicator

    I've used their keg level indicators for years and they really are slick. I have a fridge that holds four kegs and it is quite easy to position them so you can see the beads on all four. The large magnet can be used to move them around to any position on the keg. My friend has a small keezer...
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    Introducing IoT Keg level sensor

    Price range is a tough question. I have the Ballandkeg level indicators in my four kegs. They are about $25 delivered and they work perfectly. Obviously, they don't provide temperature or a digital readout, but for cheap, accurate, stupid simple level indication they are unbeatable. How...
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    DIY airlock for small bottles and small auto siphon ideas?

    Here is a racking cane type siphon that allows you to not suck on the end or add solution to the hose, etc. It has the added benefit of allowing you to aerate your solution (not really useful with cider), but it's there if you need it. It can also just be used as a racking cane and hose if you...
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    Simple DIY Keg Management

    Well, you could probably make the Ballandkeg thing for $10 if you wanted to do it yourself and ignore all your time. My time has value so I tend to understand why I would pay an extra $10 for something versus spending hours of my time trying to replicate it.
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    Simple DIY Keg Management

    OK, great, glad to hear you did try them as they could save you quite a bit of money. I do like the tech projects though and yours looks very cool. My friend uses the Ballandkeg units in a keezer, but he does kind of stagger his kegs so he can see the level indicators from the top. I have the...
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    Simple DIY Keg Management

    Just wondering, did you try the Ballandkeg unit? I have a few and they are anything but cumbersome. In fact they are pretty stupid easy and reliable. They are definitely not as flashy as your concept though.
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    When do you start temperature control?

    I just pour the yeast directly into the fermenter when it is at the set-point temp. I use a coil type fermentation temperature controller so I add the yeast when the liquid reading hits my setpoint. Usually that's something like 66F with a standard ale yeast. With this coil, it only takes an...
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    Corny Keg Showdown

    Love my old Italian kegs and they work perfectly with my keg level indicators. I had a friend trying the kegs from Kegland and he had some issues with the magnets wanting to stick to their Stainless steel. I did some reading and found that good stainless is almost 100% non-magnetic while...
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    Is us05 clean at 18c?

    I'll agree that US-05 gives a peachy flavor at various temperatures. It seems that some people like me get it almost all the time and don't like 05. For that reason, I would always suggest Nottingham at 65 F for any beer that needs a very clean profile.
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    Floating dip tube

    The Clear Beer units are the Cadillac, but they cost quite a bit. If you want a cheaper model that works great, go with I've used theirs for years and not ever had to add weight like the other cheap units. Theirs have a heavier piece...
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    100% Maris Otter Barleywine?

    I'd use nottingham yeast, but other than that it looks lovely.
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    Small Scale Glycol-Cooled Fermentation? sell a pretty cool temperature control coil that comes with a stopper and blow off as well as thermowell. It is adjustable to as short as you want depending on fermenter size.
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    Floating Dip Tube = Low Carbonation Issue?

    Even though carbonation charts say 8 psi with 33 F is 2.3 volumes, I've always found that I need to go 10 to 12 to get the carbonation I like. I'd bump it up and see if that helps after a week.
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    CoolStix. Is it worth it?

    Yeah, didn’t think about the spunding pressure not working with a stopper. They do make some ingenious stuff. Like you I have a few of their products.