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    HBT Fantasy Football 2014 #2

    I'm in...hoping to avoid autodraft
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    Cigar City Brewery

    +1 on Seventh Sun...not to be missed. Find some St. Somewhere, too
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    Obnoxious Football Trash Talk Thread

    Wow, whatever you do, don't tug on Gronk's jersey
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    College Sports Talk

    Seems like like of lot of Penn State fans on this board. I have always liked their football teams, but I'm soooo happy the Hoosiers stuck it to them this weekend! Watch out Buckeyes!!!! The Hoosiers are coming to Columbus soon!
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    HBT Fantasy Football League

    I bench Spiller two minutes before the game thinking about the ankle and he drops a 54 yard TD. Classic overthinking
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    Craft beer at WallyWorld? It's more likely than you think.

    Wal Mart has stepped up their craft beer game here. I've seen *****esse De Bourgogne of all things. The big store near me carries Sierra Nevada products at the best 6 pack prices around. The smaller 'neighborhood stores' have higher prices, though. Kentucky is a 'three tier state' and I think...
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    HBT Fantasy Football League

    I'm still in..heck I coulda-shoulda won first game but I benched Dallas defense and CJ Spiller tanked vs Pats. Clay Matthews better take it easy on RG3!
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    Ever wish they made good NA beers?

    There's always the Kombucha forums!
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    Backyard fire pit thread.

    Well, FWIW, I live in the city and I don't do firepits, but lots of people do. The problem is the rules and regulations. I have heard that firepits are only allowed for cooking and not 'just because'. I have heard that if you keep a pack of hotdogs handy the Fire Dept. will be OK. Just an...
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    HBT Fantasy Football League

    I was thinking the same thing about Brees, after having him last year. Does ESPN (the only league I've played in) score much differently than NFL? I noticed -2 for interceptions, and it seems like he threw quite a few picks, especially later in the season. I'm wondering if any of the Saints...
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    Good Brown Ale

    I always liked Riggwelter, but I have not seen any lately.
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    NCAA Bracket Challenge

    Louisville is getting ready to get a little crazy tonight..should be a great game.
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    NCAA Bracket Challenge

    I would love to see the Cards win...the Championship would move from "Just down the road" to "Just down the road".
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    NCAA Bracket Challenge

    Louisville vs Florida would be interesting as a 'Sugar Bowl' re match of sorts.
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    NCAA Bracket Challenge

    You'd think Tom Crean has never seen or heard of a two three zone. Was the Syracuse zone effective or was Indiana ill prepared? Either way it's time to get excited about gardening.
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    NCAA Bracket Challenge

    Bump. We are below Tofu and Pinewood Derby! I'm staying up late for IU vs Syracuse and will prolly hafta make a beer run soon. This is important stuff!!! Great games this weekend. Come on Hoosiers, beat Syracuse!
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    NCAA Bracket Challenge

    The NCAA men's basketball loving world knew Gonzaga was suspect..You gotta play somebody and win. The B1G looks even better now: Big Blue looked (insert hyperbole here) today and so did Sparty. OSU and Hoosiers up tomorrow! And the Cards were out for Saturday cruise!
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    NCAA Bracket Challenge

    Between Wisconsin and possibly Georgetown losing.......$#@&!
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    NCAA Bracket Challenge

    If the PAC-12 gets respect now, they took from the Mountain West. Alford gets a big contract extension and loses to Harvard??
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    NCAA Bracket Challenge

    It's not too early to talk trash..Bring it. Here in Louisville, KY trash talk is a year round sport! Last year, the big question was: Will anyone beat Kentucky? This year I think there are two questions: Is Gonzaga worth the hype? I say no, pointing to a home loss from Illinois, a middling...