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    Synergy 15 Gallon Pro Pilot System for sale

    Decided to give up brewing for lack of available time....for now. Selling my Synergy Pro Pilot 15 gallon system. Synergy 15 gallon Pro Pilot System includes: 3-Stainless Steel 15 gallon kettles with triple clad bottoms complete with sanitary clamp fittings, valves, and thermometers...
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    2 Pin lock kegs swap for 1 1/6 barrel?

    Do you want to sell?
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    Budget Herms System - Part One

    Can;t wait to see part 2!!!Nice job!
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    BrewsbySmith DIY Kit plus STC 1000 Temp ControllerGiveaway!

    Happy Turkey Day!!! Count me in!
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    Illinois Synergy Brewing System For Sale

    I am interested in the system, and live 40 miles south of Chicago. What is your bottom dollar for everything. Ray