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    What IPA to brew?

    A while ago I posted a Harpoon IPA clone recipe... I've made it a few times and really like it Keith
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    Recommending Great Bottling Bottles (Swing-Top)

    Their web site Shelton Brothers: Mönchshof Schwarzbier
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    Gifted with hops. Storage question.

    I used to put my fresh-picked hops out on a towel in my attic for 24 hours and they were perfectly dried. But as the weather cools I'm not sure how well that would work. And then bagged and froze as you stated. I actually double-bagged to stave-off freezer burn. I used them over a year later and...
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    can I cut it???

    That's all I used to do, but I'd just kick some leaves on them; nothing too fancy.
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    Johnson Analog Control setup

    No, mine was not a question... it was a response to the original question, which, under my particular circumstances, was a handy one. And I wonder why I stopped posting here.
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    Johnson Analog Control setup

    Handy time for this question... I just got a new fridge, put the old in the utility room, and purchased a Johnson controller, too. Will be doing my first completely temperature-controlled batch this w/e.
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    Dry Hopping Questions

    One must ask one's self... is it possible to over hop... Period :mug:
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    OMG... 1.5 L Grolsch swing tops!

    Has anyone else seen these?? I saw them in my local liquor store (NJ) but was in a hurry and didn't look at the price. I suppose I should get one just for ha-ha's
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    growing hops, Fall maintenance?

    When I was growing my own, I used to cut at ground level and cover with some leaves. But then, we can have some pretty hard freezes here.
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    funny how your tastebuds can change.

    I've always preferred beers with more flavor, which is why I started homebrewing 14 years ago in the first place... but the first time I had a Harpoon IPA draft, I was hooked. (get it??? .... Harpoon! Hooked! :-) Yeah, I know.... technically a harpoon isn't a hook, but I liked it ;-)
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    Great article on the "Dark Side" of Light Beer

    I found this and was LMAO. :D Keith
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    Grolsch Mini Kegs

    Somebody needs to work on that :D
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    Cream Ale hop suggestions

    I'd go with the Fuggles instead of the Cascade, but that's just me ;)
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    Wild Hops

    Several years ago I grew some Cascade and Fuggles. I simply laid them out on a towel and placed them in the attic... hot and dry... for 24 hours. After that I just put them in baggies and squeezed the air out. Works well for short storage.
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    oak chips

    With any beer that's relatively "green" you'll taste very distinct individual flavors at various points of a 'gulp'. But as it matures, the flavors blend and become smoother. As others have said, let it age, it'll mellow.
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    First Beer - Looking for Pale Ale

    Does it say WHY, as a first time brewer, you shouldn't use a secondary? Just wondering.
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    You want grapefruit? (I didn't)...

    Let it age.... it'll mellow.
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    Hey look what I found!

    Cool box (get it?) ;)
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    fermenting buckets from hardware store

    I got a food grade 6 gallon bucket from only $8.
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    Holy Hophead, Batman! What an IPA!

    That's it! I just have a copied page and the page number is 150. Nice sleuthing. ;)