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  1. day_trippr

    What I did for beer today

    Came home from a family week on Cape Cod to a roasty house (really need to install wifi controls on the HVAC!) and needed to do a second cycle on a big 1318 starter. Fired up an idle fridge and stuck the stir plate inside. Whatever it takes! Cheers!
  2. day_trippr

    BrewPi Remix – What’s Old is New Again

    Close enough - a couple hundred millivolts above "0" is pretty typical for logic low levels... Cheers!
  3. day_trippr

    Is my yeast dead??

    "It's just pining" ;)
  4. day_trippr

    American Lager, but not a light lager

    Might want to bump the Carafoam up a bit, Weyermann recommends it for 5 to 10% of the grain bill. As for the hops, it's amazing how close in character those six strains are considering so little gene sharing. If you're looking for herbal/spicey/floral you're definitely in the right place and you...
  5. day_trippr

    Home Distilling in US now legal at the Federal level?
  6. day_trippr

    BrewPi Remix – What’s Old is New Again

    Be sure to set the Cool and Heat gpios to "inverted"...
  7. day_trippr

    Legal distilling in the USA

    Just gonna drop this here... US ban on at-home distilling is unconstitutional, Texas judge rules
  8. day_trippr

    USA or Imported tubing?

    Which one doesn't stink? I'll be ordering ~25 feet of 1/2" ID 1/8" wall tubing for my rig soon and figured to just reorder the same tubing I bought last time... Cheers!
  9. day_trippr

    Creating a CO2 loop during closed transfer

    2 weeks plus a few more days ime... Cheers!
  10. day_trippr

    Trying BRU-1 and Strata for the first time, with Citra

    I set the 50°F target and wait 48 hours, then add the hops, go 48 hours, then set the target to 36°F and go for 48 hours, then keg... Cheers!
  11. day_trippr

    What changes made your beer better?

    It takes me less than 60 seconds to remove a head from my March 815pl pumps and another 30 seconds to expose the impeller. No big deal at all, and occasionally necessary to replace thrust washers... Cheers
  12. day_trippr

    BrewPi Remix – What’s Old is New Again

    And using power-only USB cables... Cheers!
  13. day_trippr

    Liquid yeast question

    I was thinking the same regarding mail box flags, but Cavan is in Ireland... Cheers!
  14. day_trippr

    Spot the Space Station

    SpaceX's Starship to fly again 'in 4 weeks,' Elon Musk says
  15. day_trippr

    Darwin Award Winner

    I declare this is the thread to post news about Darwin Award Winners forever after... Man dies after placing lit firework on his head during Fourth of July party
  16. day_trippr

    Fruit beer not clearing - what to do?

    I make a raspberry hibiscus wheat beer using a pound of raspberries per gallon and after pureeing the berries I include an hour stand at 140°F in a pot with pectinase added. It's amazing how effective that stuff in breaking down the berry husks and the pulp therein to increase yield and reduce...
  17. day_trippr

    Post-fermentation bittering

    I concur, having brought an insipidly under-IBU'd wheat beer back up to snuff with some hop tea, many years ago... Cheers!
  18. day_trippr

    O2 removal from purging liquid in keg

    1 teaspoon, dissolved in 30ml of warm water, then injected into the keg before racking the beer on top... Cheers!
  19. day_trippr

    Spot the Space Station

    Super foggy, but the clock still ticking at T - 22:00 [edit] Appears to have been a perfect launch! Good deal!