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    old beer in the kegerator (very old)

    Triple is a bit too sweet. It was my first attempt and I made the candy sugar to put into it. I think the mystery beer was a bunch of leftover 2 row and whatever hops I had left after I had harvested my bines.
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    old beer in the kegerator (very old)

    Hi guys. Haven't been super active in a couple of years. I got an itch to brew this afternoon and started pulling out my brew supplies. I cracked open my kegerator for the first time in at least two years and remembered that I had 3 cornies in there. I know one is a cider. And one is...
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    I have a pf-9. Its definatly a purpose built ccw gun. I personally would not recommend it to anyone who is looking beyond a small carry piece. The trigger sucks, and the recoil is painful. It does a very good job as a 9mm pocket gun though. I carried mine for a few years before switching...
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    20 lb of sugar and a jar of yeast nutrient

    I bumbled my way through making 2.5 lbs of the 290* syrup today. Came out well, although the color is not as dark as the pic. Of note, I used a mesh skillet screen (we always used to for bacon splatter) and poured the 2nd water addition through it. It saved me from the splatter when the...
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    New Brewer from Oregon

    Welcome, from up the road a bit.
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    rusted steel

    It will burn off, depending on how close to the flame. This is a high temp clear coat. It would probably hold up, unless it had direct flame contact.
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    CO2 Current Pricing

    $13 for a 5lb swap out. Not sure the price of a bigger tank, but I doubt it would be much more. My weld tank of 75/25 co2/argon was $15 for a 10lb or $18 for a 20lb. It made more sense for me to buy a bigger tank, since it costs me around $10+ in gas money to make it to the weld shop.
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    Sizing your Chest Freezer for Corny Kegs

    I just looked online, they have the 8.8 for $350, and the 8.7 for $269. The 8.7 is online exclusive, and out of stock. I would wait for it to come back, if it can fit 6 on the floor. I am at the tipping point of buying a Kenmore 8.8. I have to go down to sears tommorow and see how many I...
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    Wet shaving thread.

    I tried the with, cross, against. Method. It gave me ingrown hairs. The against the grain part really tears up my face. Now I just do with and across. I have only had a few shaving bumps in the past year. As for time. I would imagine I could get it done in a few minutes (I only shave...
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    Played around with a press today.

    forgot to mention. My gravity on my apple cider was 1.040. My buddy said his yeast ferments down to 1.000. I dont know how its going to turn out, or how long. We basically crushed the apples, tossed the cider into a carboy. Then pitched the yeas cake on top of it. It really grated...
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    Played around with a press today.

    A buddy of mine rented an apple press for the day. He hosted an apple pressing party. I hit up my father in laws Johnson and golden delicious trees and picked about 70 lbs of apples. The press was made locally (Elmira Oregon) I think it was made by corral?. Anywas, We ended up Pressing...
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    I have been messing around with the recipe (Original is still very damn tasty). I added 2 gallons of peach juice with the last batch. Didnt leave enough headroom for krausen (is it called krausen with cider/apfelwien?) and my airlock blew out with krausen, I left it in place and ended up...
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    Liquid Panty Remover Apfelwien

    I messed around with a batch of Ed Worts original recipe last year. I did 3 gallons apple juice, 2 gallons peach/apple (all from walmart). With 3 lbs dextrose. I racked to keg, had a couple or few pints. Then added a 2L of diet sprite. Which backsweetened to a very palatable apple/peach...
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    Wet shaving thread.

    I tried it when I first swapped over. It seemed to dry my face out. My skin is not overly sensitive, but if I shave incorrectly, I break out like a 13 year old. I am using an alchohol free aftershave moisturizer. So far its been very kind to my face.
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    Getting drunk to help train cops

    I need to ask some of my cop buddies if they have one of those coming up soon. It would be a hoot. Plus I would get to know how far gone I am based on the amount of drinks. I do know that the local PD uses the booze they confiscate. So it would be the cheap stuff they take off of kids.
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    American Amber Ale Mojave Red

    Brewed this up a week and a half ago. I missed my gravity, had excessive boil off. And I mis read and dry hopped right off the bat. I bought enough ingredients to brew it again. Hopefully I have my process down with the next brew!
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    Why is my end wort quantity so low?

    2.1 gallons per hour. I boiled up 5 gallons of water today and measured the post boil amount.
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    Official Broken Hydrometer Count

    Two. The last one I sat on. I though the cracking noise was coming from my burner. I stared at it for at least five minutes while I racked my brain as to why it would make a noise like that. I figured it out when I stood up.
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    My Stirplate... Cheap and Easy Build...

    Just built one today. OP saved me about $110 from what the LHBS was selling them at. I did have to monkey with the magnets a bit. Ended up using both the magnets I salvaged from the old HDD.
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    Why is my end wort quantity so low?

    :D My recycler will not take glass in the recycling bin. so I use a 5 gallon bucket. Which I used to stand on while I double checked my hlt temps. I try not to drink and play with boiling liquids :D