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  1. adnanthemadman

    How I rack my cider without wasting good cider at the bottom

    With an 18L carboy, even after secondary fermentation, I find there's a lot of lees at the bottom mixed in with about 1gal of cider. Partly because I'm constantly pumping my crappy autosiphon stirring up the settled yeast. So what I do is I siphon off the clear cider pretty conservatively, then...
  2. adnanthemadman

    First time using fresh pressed apples

    Yesterday I primed by adding one container of concentrated apple juice to the cider, and bottled it. I used some grolsch bottles, and some wine bottles with corks. The wine bottles will be drunk within a few weeks - I hope before the corks pop off. Also, I added some blackberry puree to 3L of...
  3. adnanthemadman

    Ginger wine

    White grape juice rather than raisins is interesting, how did it turn out? I strain mine beforehand since there is zest, spices and all when I make it which I don't think would age nicely. Also, if you don't strain it at first there might be a large amount of pulpy wine at the bottom that'll be...
  4. adnanthemadman

    ginger wine

    how did it go with the 75g? Going to make a big batch this winter, they make great gifts
  5. adnanthemadman

    First time using fresh pressed apples

    Update Primary fermentation finished in just 1 week, fermented completely dry very quickly. My house temperature is about 19C. About 1 month in, all the yeast and haze has settled out of the cider nicely. It tasted pretty good but it is a little sharp and tart, so I figure it needs some more...
  6. adnanthemadman

    First time using fresh pressed apples

    Thanks! OG Came in at 1.048 I don't mind it dry either, but if it is not carbonated then I think a little sweetness may be better.. Don't have enough grolsch bottles for this batch. Good tips about the tea. When do you add them in, when racking into secondary? Any rough quantities you'd...
  7. adnanthemadman

    First time using fresh pressed apples

    I've made a bunch of ciders in the past with either concentrate or tetrapak juice, but wasn't a fan of all the waste it created. This year, I got a bunch of apples. Some picked, some from a friend, and someone nearby on facebook was giving a bunch of windfalls away for free. They grow wild and...
  8. adnanthemadman

    English Cider with Molasses and Spices - Recipe and Review

    In late fall 2022, I started a batch of cider using concentrated cans of honey dew apple juice, something I've never tried before, but I figured it cuts down on the waste compared to tetrapaks. The recipe is follows: 13 cans of honeydew concentrate (355ml ea) ($1.97CAD ea) 1 box of fancy...