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  1. Black Island Brewer

    All in one system 240v 50-60hz?

    In the near future I plan to ditch my propane and go to a all-electric brew in a bag system. But a migration to the United Kingdom could be in our future, and I'd like to get a system that will run there as well as here in the US. Does anybody know from their own systems whether there are any...
  2. Black Island Brewer

    Grain storage?

    At what percentage of weevils should one perform a protein rest?
  3. Black Island Brewer


    I'm wondering if the term you're asking about is biotransformation...?
  4. Black Island Brewer

    Pails vs Carboys and 1 vs 2 stage

    January will make 24 years I've fermented exclusively in glass, and have skipped secondaries (on most beers) for most of that time.
  5. Black Island Brewer

    You know you're a home brewer when?

    You know you're a homebrewer when, on a Friday night, you're pulling a pint off the tap and repeating the mantra in your head, "Don't kick, don't kick, don't kick", and breathe a sigh of relief when it doesn't kick.
  6. Black Island Brewer

    You know you're a home brewer when?

    You know when you're a home brewer when, as you pull a pint off the tap, you know you're getting near the end of the keg, and fear that it will blow before your fill your pint... in spite of having two other kegs in the pipeline ready to go.
  7. Black Island Brewer

    Where did you get your bag?

    +1 for wilser
  8. Black Island Brewer

    insulating your mash-tun for BIAB??

    Mine is similar, and I've found that by insulating all the way to the ground, the dead space under the burner has less impact on cooling the bottom of the mash.
  9. Black Island Brewer

    Random Picture Thread

    I think the interviewer asks if she knows where his rooster is... And she says her donkey ate it.
  10. Black Island Brewer

    Where do you get your homebrewing stuff

    Because I have storage space and the right equipment, and like to save $$, I get my base malts by the bag from a LHBS outside of Portland, my hops by the pound from HopsDirect or Yakima Valley Hops, and my yeast and specialty grains from my LHBS (from which I save yeast in frozen vials).
  11. Black Island Brewer

    Skagit Valley Malting

    Just that it didn't produce the kolsch flavor he was seeking - Will brought their kolsch yeast strain back from Germany, and wants a specific flavor, which the Skagit malt did not apparently provide. I, however, love it.
  12. Black Island Brewer

    Skagit Valley Malting

    I've used their Copeland Pilsner, Talisman pale ale, and have their NZ 151 pale and Pilot pale, but have not brewed with them yet. Both performed well for what I used them for (american IPA and Pale Ale), but I was talking with Mari Kemper of Chuckanut Brewing, and she said that Will did not...
  13. Black Island Brewer

    Nasty looking ring in carboy!

    Adding dry hopping can reportedly start another fermentation, depending on the amount of hops. At least, according to Vinnie Cilurzo.
  14. Black Island Brewer

    Cloudy Star San - Feedback from Five Star

    LMAO! You don't want to argue, but then you do? At any given time I have as much as 10 gallons ready made. Five in my bucket that I use for filling spray bottles, filling my vinator, pouring into carboys, etc, and five in a corny that I'll push out into another corny when I'm purging to keg.
  15. Black Island Brewer

    What came in the mail for you today?

    10,080 crown caps! Should last me for about 10 years.
  16. Black Island Brewer

    Flaked rice, Minute Rice, and "Uncle Ben's"

    Hey @Yooper , sorry to zombify this thread, but how did the converted rice eventually work out?
  17. Black Island Brewer

    Safe to use this carboy?

    No, don't use it. Send it to me, and I'll use it. <proud owner of 14 glass carboys, all with various flaws, with one broken in 22 years> Cue @passedpawn with the broken carboy horror stories in 3....2....1...
  18. Black Island Brewer

    BIAB w/40% Rice

    It was milled to powder, using a corona-type mill. 80% mash efficiency. Have you done a batch with this much non-diastatic ingredients with BIAB?
  19. Black Island Brewer

    BIAB w/40% Rice

    Looking for folks with actual experience brewing BIAB with high percentages of non-diastatic adjuncts. I brewed an american light lager with 57% floor malted bohemian pilsner malt, 3% acidulated malt, and 40% pregelatinized rice,total bill 7+pounds. Mashing lower - 149F - I got a failed starch...