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    Beverage-Air BM-23 tower for sale

    Tower on it's way to Goodwill tomorrow...... last chance.
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    Beverage-Air BM-23 tower for sale

    Nobody want?? I'm taking a bunch of stuff to the goodwill next week.....gonna toss this in with it. howlinowl
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    Beverage-Air BM-23 tower for sale

    In the first post, there's a link to a pic...... I'll put it here also. howlinowl
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    Beverage-Air BM-23 tower for sale

    Ok, my flake of a friend never came up with the bucks for this, so it available again. howlinowl
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    Beverage-Air BM-23 tower for sale

    Tower's gone. Buddy of mine is going to buy it to use for a trash can kegerator. howlinowl
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    Beverage-Air BM-23 tower for sale

    Been a long time.... My old Bev-Air BM23 kegerator gave up the ghost....bad compressor. Since the economic slowdown, I haven't been brewing much. We were pretty much using the ole girl to chill cans of brew and soda for parties. So, I'm scrapping her out. Thought I'd come on here and...
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    Adopt A Dog

    pppreettttty dogggiieeeeee........i love small dogs.
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    Adopt A Dog

    We've got 3 dogs in the house right now. I've got a schipperkee, which I purchased from a private home as a puppy. My dad moved in with us and brought his chow, he received free from a friend of his as a puppy. Our third dog is a cocker. When my mom was in hospice, there was an old lady who...
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    Funny Youtube brewing video :-)

    ...and mebbe I was drinkin' some while postin' this sentence...
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    Funny Youtube brewing video :-)

    <paraphrasing>"Does that seem wierd to you?? Does it?? Well, that's what I believe"</paraphrasing> I was laughing out loud at this one!! Mebbe he was seeing the UFO's while he was drinkin' some of that homebrew while seein' them! He's got a nice Ford Torino, but a couple of the "road...
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    Funny Youtube brewing video :-)

    When he's showin' the labels of the kits he's used, he's got a Kansas state fair ribbon....I'm guessin' it's not for homebrew. Ya'll watch the next video in the series about bottling? He starts out with corn sugar, runs out and gets the powdered sugar, get frustrated with it clumping and...
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    any make shift Kegerator ideas?

    Maybe check freecycle??? My first refrigerator for a kegerator project was a free one I picked up. You could post on freecycle that you need free ones. Or if you can scrape a few bucks together, maybe find some for about 50 bucks each. Once you're through drinkin' the beer, sell them off for...
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    Bag in the Box

    Nope, it's not about somebody's recently passed away grandma in a casket..... it's about the "bag in a box" soda syrups. Today I was at Sam's Club and noticed they had the "bag in the box" soda syrups for soda fountains for sale. It got me thinkin'.... "I bet I could dump one of these into a...
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    Ever meet anyone famous?

    I used to work at a one hour photo lab in Palm Beach Gardens over 10 years ago. Met Gary Carter, catcher for some baseball team. He and his wife used to drop off film for processing. The manager asked me if I knew who it was...told him no. He said "That's Gary Carter."... I asked "Who's...
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    Anyone ever use Oregon Fruit Purée to flavor beer?

    Please excuse my ingnorance, but what is a tertiary? I tried googling it and came up with a bunch of pages with syphilis.....I'm guessing that THAT isn't what you're talking about. Allan
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    I've ordered 3 times from Hearts, mostly because they're in Florida. Twice was for grain, hops and yeast, and the other was just for yeast (I ordered the malt, hops from another HBS in cali 'cause I needed another corny and they had free shipping....only ordered the yeast from hearts 'cause I...
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    John Cleese weighs in on American Politics

    I'm movin' back to Kansas.
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    Adding fruit

    I've got a pale ale in the primaries right now. Planning on putting half of it on top of some strawberries in the secondary. After that, I'm planning to brew a brown and put half of that on top of strawberries when it goes to the secondaries. Figure I'll start with a pound of fruit to a...
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    Florida Brewers Guild BeerFest 2008 - 2/24

    Crap....first the Jupiter Beerfest and now this. I can't go to either 'cause I work 12 hr days on both Saturday and Sundays. Wish some of these were 3 day events so I could go to 'em on a Friday when I'm off (although, drivin' to Tampa, drinkin' beer all day and drivin' back to St. Lucie...