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    Tilt Pi - flashing SD card

    In Noah’s setup demo video he: 1. First he flashes the SD card 2. Ejects the USB adapter 3. Immediately plugs back in 4. Modifies the boot drive to include WiFi information My question, is it possible to simply modify the boot drive/WiFi information BEFORE flashing the drive? Or is it...
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    Riptide pump - PSA injury risk

    This very well could be user error, but I figured I would post here to share my experience. First off I've owned my Riptide pump for about a year now, and have used it flawlessly on over a dozen brew sessions. I love everything about it! After every brew session I open up the pump head for...
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    Introducing… the Spike FLEX!

    I love Spike and all their products! My entire brew system is made of Spike kettles/fittings, and the customer service is top notch. Anyone know if the Flex would fit in a kegerator? I have an Edgestar KC2000TWIN which, thanks to the slightly concave door, can hold a standard 1/2 barrel keg or...
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    BIAB induction burner reflectix question?

    If you're using an induction heating plate/element, is there still a risk of burning the reflectix?