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    favorite time to drink beer?

    i will go with as well.
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    Fat Tire

    here is a link. i prefer the blue paddle my self.
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    Am I just paranoid.

    just sit back and relax, i am on my second batch and it does create some intersting formations in the fermentor and some interesting sounds as well as smells. you will never know how it will taste untill it comes out of the finished bottle in a couple of weeks. my friend got me into it and brews...
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    Hard lemonade

    with apple cider there is no citric acid. i would think the large amount of citric acid would kill the yeast while it ferments. i am not positive, but with my experience with acids, it would seem that the yeast would not last long enouph to fermet the suger in lemonade into alcohol. to me...
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    Hard lemonade

    here check this link, it is on this site so it is safe to click on.
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    whats it supposed to look like.

    this is mine in secondary right now. it has spend 5 days in primay and is going on its second week in secondary. relax, your beer is fine. just give it a few days to clarify and settle. after that, bottle and enjoy in a few weeks after carbination.
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    Hard lemonade

    would the acid in the lemonade not have an ill effect on the yeast? i would think adding some kind of liquer would be a better method? i have no idea, just thinking aloud. there was a post a few days ago about a hard cider, you may want to search for it and see if it would aply to what you wish...
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    Olde English Brewer

    welcome to the forum. glad to have your experience around. i am looking forward to seeing some of your replies.
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    How careful do you need to be with sanitized items?

    how long is the sanatizer active? a few minutes or hours? i have a "ALE PAIL" that i filled with sanatizer and the brew process may take a couple of hours. am i safe?
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    How careful do you need to be with sanitized items?

    i have wondered the same being a newbie and all to brewing. i find myself scrubing pots, hoses, canes, buckets, counters..... i thought i was maybe being a bit anal myself.
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    this is what i did. i put a small hole in the end (about 3/4 inch) of the tygon tubeing that i was useing to siphon into secondary. next i get the "canned air" out of my tool bag (electronics tech) and inserted the sanatized tube from the canned air in the tygon tubeing pointing away from my...
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    newb looking for direction.

    thank you, i already saw it and printed it out. i cant beleive how addictive this is and i am not even through with the first brew yet.
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    Fredericksburg Brewing Porter

    thanks for digging that up. i dont know if it was for me or not, but i appreciate the effort if it was. i
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    Where is everyone from?

    central texas.
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    newb looking for direction.

    that link is pretty cool. thank you. the frederricksburg clone in the archive is no longer an active link, but there are plenty of other to look through.
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    newb looking for direction.

    i got an instruction book with the kit that i bought. next time i go to the brew store i will see if they have that one and if they do pick it up. the instruction book i got made me feel like they were trying to talk to a two year old. it described all the ingredients and the general process...
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    newb looking for direction.

    thanks for the welcome. i am already wearing out the search function. the server is probably wondering what the nut case is searching for! there is alot of information to absorb.
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    newb looking for direction.

    i live near san angelo. in the summer, we camp out at one of the local ranches. in the winter we just pick a cheap motel. the wife and i liked two of their beers. the pioneer porter and a honey lager. when i get a few under my belt from kits, i may get adventersome and try to make a simular brew...
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    newb looking for direction.

    Hi. i am a newb here. I went to the brewery in fredericksburg and got addicted to beer with flavor. Now i am trying to brew an american light kit from brewers best. i cooked the wort on friday night and i am trying to be patient while it bubbles and does it thing. I look forward to reading...