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    For Sale Control Panel

    I sent you a PM on Friday. Let me know when you check this.
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    Sold SOLD: Complete All Grain setup-great deal -Boulder Colorado $300

    I'm just down in Denver, but only need about half of this stuff. Are you getting out of brewing or changing equipment? There might be something for us to work out.
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    foamy Beer Kegerator

    You're right, I failed on that one. I usually rinse and star San then after use, but have been contemplating that practice after seeing what was inside this keg. I think the ruptured dip tube allowed things to leech, but they still got in there.
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    foamy Beer Kegerator

    Problem solved: the dip tube in my corny keg had a crack. I leave my kegs in the garage when not in use. Might have been some leftover water in there and it froze...
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    foamy Beer Kegerator

    Thanks for the reply. It's a solid stainless dip tube in a standard 5g corny keg, but I agree that it's acting strange. I wonder if the o-ring at the top of the dip tube could be missing. I'll come back around and check that after a night of sleep.
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    foamy Beer Kegerator

    I just set up a new kegerator and am getting massive foam. Solutions would be appreciated. Corny keg of IPA @40 degrees, 12 psi, using 5' of EVAbarrier 4mm. I also tried duotight fittings.
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    4-Way Cross Options

    Thanks. That makes sense - when I'm pouring. It will be good to get a baseline, the rest of the time. I ordered a set of tees, last night, and will try the whole experiment next week. I ordered Camlocks, while I was at it.
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    4-Way Cross Options

    Call me crazy. I have four keggles, each with one 1/2" NPT fitting. I'd love to have temp, ball valve, and a sight glass, but don't particularly want to drill and weld new holes. It seems to me that I could simply buy a standard 4-Way Stainless Steel keg cross...
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    First Attempt - Picked Grapes

    Is therea good "quick" resource available for first time winter making? I've been successfully homebrewery beer for a decade, and am comfortable with the concept. About six years ago, I thought I'd like to try wine making, so I ordered some melot (not Merlot) grape vine, at the recommendation of...
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    Colorado Free Fermentation Chamber (Denver)

    That looks pretty neat. I just upgraded to a Blichmann Fermenator, and I'm certain it wouldn't fit. Otherwise I'd be digging for space in my basement. By the way, is that some sort of 110v lightbulb socket heating coil?
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    Building a Dual Body Cornelius Regulator

    For years, I've kept multiple regulators and CO2 tanks, at home, to pressurize, and serve Ball Lock and Sanke kegs. They take up a lot of space, and I have recently wondered about combining two regulators and fittings to make "one" regulator to fit all of my needs. Today, I took the high...
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    10-gallon corny kegs for under $100

    I just came across this thread - way too late. I found two 10g Cornies on CL for $50 each a few years ago, and keep hoping to find more. One more place to watch.
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    MH1210F Temperature Controller for Dummies

    There's a lot of technical data available online that tries to supplement the horrible instruction sheet that ships with the MH1210F, so I thought I'd combine all of my accumulated knowledge, plus pictures of my build, to create an easy-to-understand how-to. MAKE SURE ALL APPLIANCES AND PLUGS...
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    Star San Overdose Levels?

    Excellent. Thanks, everyone.
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    Star San Overdose Levels?

    I just kegged five gallons of a beer I was/am really excited about. After the transfer, I realized that I hasn't poured the sanitizer out before putting my beer in. I usually leave about 1/4 cup of sanitizer in the bottom of my kegs after cleaning. The msds says it's safe to 300ppm. Given 1oz...
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    Brewzor Quitting?

    To dredge this up from the past, I found a page tonight hosted on Google that offers the original files:
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    Colorado Bottles - Denver

    As I mostly keg, I'm parting with (the majority of) my beloved bottle collection. I've taken the time to sort them by size and sometimes even manufacturer. For instance, the two New Belgium cases have only NB bottles. There are tall brown 12s, short brown 12s, tall green 12s, short green 12s...
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    Candy Sugar Techniques

    If anyone comes back here looking for answers, I boiled my candi sugar in a solution to 1lb candi sugar to a one generous cup of water. I boiled for ten minutes, put the pan on ice for ten minutes then added it to my fermentation. Within 20 minutes, I had extreme bubbling.
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    Candy Sugar Techniques

    I brewed a Belgian golden strong ale, today, and got a 1.080 og. Not bad. Even better, I've got two pounds of candy sugar that I plan to add once fermentation is fully underway. My question: how do you guys do a secondary candy sugar? I'm assuming boil and cool? I didn't know if it was so...