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  1. J

    Tubing for kegs

    Hey everyone. I'm putting together a keg system and I have a question as far as tubing goes. I have ball-lock kegs and I was looking at the quick disconnects for the gas in beer out lines that are screw ons. I'm looking at the 1/4" flare fitting, but how do I determine what size of tubing I...
  2. J

    Five Star PBW

    Has anyone used this cleaner and had good results? If so, how much of it goes into a five gallon fermenter for cleaning? Is it something that you can mix into a barrel and just leave and dip things that need to be cleaned or does it have a "expiration" after it is mixed?
  3. J

    Did I rack too early?

    It's funny you mention this because I did the same thing with the bock that I'm brewing. I stuck my head down in the primary to get the good wiff of brewing beer, and I think I dang near got CO2 poisoning because I got really really *high*. I enjoyed it though! :D
  4. J

    CO2 bottle in refrigerator

    Well, from what I've read, the majority of the tanks are rated at 1800 PSI. From reading this article, as long as the temp stays at 100 or below, you should be ok. I'm researching the same thing because I'm getting ready to buy a CO2 tank and I'm planning on leaving outside the refer. and I...
  5. J

    CO2 bottle in refrigerator

    I ran across this article on the web and remember everyone talking about it here. I thought it was a very interesting article and thought that everyone else would like to read it as well.
  6. J

    Alcohol Testing Device

    You can use a refractometer and I think it will give a pretty accurate alcohol reading. Here's an article you can read about it. http://***********/feature/1132.html
  7. J

    Hop preference poll

    I'm assuming that whole hops aren't quite as strong as pellets is that correct? I would assume that pellets are a little more concentrated than that of whole hops. However, I can see the advantages of using whole hops and how they can be better. How can you determine the freshness of whole...
  8. J

    Malt preference poll

    Well, I started with extract kits five years ago. I've slowly progressed to partial mash. Now, I'm looking at getting into all grain but I have to wait until I move to a bigger place. I currently don't have the room to have a setup like that. So, I would have voted for all grain because I so...
  9. J

    Yeast preference poll

    Well, here's an update with my recent batch in which I used a vial of White Labs German Lager yeast. I waited 48 hours and it never took off. I poured in some dry lager yeast and it took off within 5 hours. I guess one could say that the liquid had finally taken off, but from what I was...
  10. J

    Yeast preference poll

    Well, this might mean that I wasn't waiting long enough. I always get worried with them because the instructions said that fermentation would begin within 5 to 12 hours. So, when I woke up this morning and it had been 12 hours since I pitched the yeast, I got worried. I think I'm going to...
  11. J

    Yeast preference poll

    I've pitched them between 70 to 75 degrees and yes there is injected oxygen into the wort. Although, with the dry yeasts (before I tried the liquid yeast) I never had to aerate and they were fine.
  12. J

    Yeast preference poll

    Wow! Talk about a coincidence. I was just going to bring this exact subject up this morning. My wife bought me a Bavarian Dopplebock kit and it came with White Labs German Lager yeast. Now, this is about the fifth liquid yeast that I've tried and every single one of them have never taken off...
  13. J

    PhilTap Mini-Keg System?

    All I can say about this system is that I did it once, and I'll never do it again. I made some mistakes with it so I can't completely discount the procedure as a bad one, but, I do know that the kegs don't last very long (maybe five or six brews?). They're nice for parties or to take on the...
  14. J

    newbie in need of some advice

    I will definately keep that in mind as I will keg my next batch of beer that comes off the line.
  15. J

    newbie in need of some advice

    A buddy of mine has been kegging in those corny kegs for a few years now and he mentioned the same thing. He said the trick that he uses to make sure that the lid is on tight is to give it a blast of CO2 real quick after he puts the beer in. If he hears gas, something isn't on right. He also...
  16. J

    Bottles of Beer Lay on side in Fridge?

    I lay my beer bottles down all the time and the yeast falls to the side and I never get gushing. It might be because I let them sit that way for a couple of weeks and the yeast forms a nice "hard" cake on the side. But, I've never got "gushing".
  17. J

    John Smith's Extra Smooth

    John Smith's Extra Smooth is just a regular ole ale. But it was a fantastic brew! Also, they do not use nitrogen to dispense this, they use a hand pump as it is a cask (sp?) beer. However, this might be a good time to clear something up for me. I was always under the impression that they...
  18. J

    John Smith's Extra Smooth

    I was recently in London and had a beer called John Smith's Extra Smooth. That is one of the best beers I've ever tasted. I would recommend it to anyone taking a trip that way.
  19. J

    Never had a good Asian beer

    Sake is really interesting in that by all technical definitions, it is a beer. Beer is a drink made from fermenting grains and wine is a drink made from fermenting fruits. But that's neither here nor there. I spent three years in Japan and I'm here to tell you, Sapporo, Kirin and Asahi...
  20. J

    DME for Carbonation

    From what I understand about it, when using DME, the yeast doesn't require oxygen to convert the sugars to CO2 or alcohol, which is why it takes so much longer. When using corn sugar or cane sugar, the yeast uses oxygen to convert everything and doesn't take as long. Like Janx stated, I can't...