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    Chocolate Raspberry Mead (First Mead Attempt)

    Chocolate is very hard. I tried a couple but didn't have much success. For a creamy mouth feel that adds a little sweetness (no much) use lactose. It is a non-fermentable sugar but it is about 1/4 as sweet as honey. One pound for 5 gal is what concentration that some of the beer guys use...
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    Just dumped two batches due to vinegary taste/smell

    Don't dump mead. It can make a great marinade or in this case a base for a salad dressing. I have a watermelon batch that tastes like the rind and I use it to cook pork roast or shredded pork in the crockpot with, tastes wonderful. Matrix
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    Angry wife

    In my living room, I have a spot in a corner that we never could figure out what to put in. It was small but large enough for my 8 brewing vessels. 3 buckets, the rest glass carboys. I even just hung a dry erase board up on the wall over it that in my next set of meads, I plan on keeping...
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    Aging mead?

    I would say that sulfates do not typically harm or cause allergies to come about. It isn't like a red wine. You use so little of it, I actually just us Potassium Sorbate myself. The important thing here is to kill the yeast or let it die out. Now at this point there will be very little yeast...
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    Here's a dumb question

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    Batch Sparging in Mead Recipe-confused

    I agree, Sparging is a beer brewing term, not a mead brewing term. I would ignore that step and simply heat the honey and water to the point that it blends together nicely. Then cool down to 80 or less and pitch the yeast.
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    Dessert Mead

    I am not sure if a cocoa extract will taste much like chocolate. I don't know. It is worth working an experiment though. It might work. As far as fruit/honey and sanitizing. I don't feel it necessary. Go ahead if you wish and I know you got good results before but I feel that you would...
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    Dessert Mead

    Ok a few suggestions: "Heat about a half gallon of water to 150, add honey, continue to heat till temperature hits 160 and maintain for 5 minutes. Try to finish the next part at about the same time as the bulk of the must. Split berries into two half pound bags, freeze both. Thaw one bag...
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    Cinnamon and Vanilla addition - raw vs tincture?

    Personally, for Vanilla, I have found it easier to make the Tincture or Extract and add that. For one, it makes it so you can measure how much you put in and replicate it better but either way works well.
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    advice on a blueberry melomel

    I suggest you put the fruit in the secondary and add lemon juice. Lemon Juice will help emphasize the flavor of the blueberry. Trust me it works.
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    smoked mead

    I experimented with different levels of toasted oak. My recommendation is simply make a mead, then Oak it with Heavy Toasted Oak. Use about 1-2 oz of heavy toasted oak left in prior to bottling for about a month. I like to put it in a mesh bag so that you can remove it easier. Not sure...
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    Strawberry rhubarb mead recipe input

    Correct on the Primary: Water+Yeast+Honey+Nutrient. Secondary as yeast is nearly stopped, one bubble a minute or less. Should be about 2 weeks, sometimes a month at most. Secondary: Rack off lees and on to Rhubarb and Strawberries for a month to let fruit flavor into the mead. It may be...
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    New, confused, and overwhelmed

    Ah, I saw the question on how to rack so I was confused.
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    Strawberry rhubarb mead recipe input

    Oh, and Step Feeding is putting your total nutrients in stages. Like if you were using say 1 oz of nutrients (yes that is high but number is for example purposes) then you would put in 1/3 oz in the primary, add another 1/3 about a day or two later, then add the last 1/3 at the sugar break...
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    Strawberry rhubarb mead recipe input

    That's a lot of Rhubarb. This will be very tart. Recommendations: Put the Fruit in the secondary, that is after you rack it for the first time about 1 month after it starts.. Just chop into cubes or bits about 1/2 inch size and put in a mesh bag, no need to puree, the alcohol and time...
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    Secondary ferm questions

    I suggest leaving it be for a few months, then checking it. If it is still very cloudy then use a clarifying agent. Primary fermentation is a matter of weeks, Secondary can be a matter of months. It will clear up in it's own time, Patients, Glasshopper. Patients is key. And when it is...
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    A newb mistake and question about racking

    Quick note on spices: Less is more. Be very careful with them. If you can taste is strongly while it ferments then it will likely be overpowering when it's ready to drink. I suggest thinning it out a bit by combining this batch with another batch without spices. Spices do mellow a little...
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    New, confused, and overwhelmed

    I strongly recommend investing in an auto siphon and some plastic tubing. Example below, they should have it at your brew store. It is not all that expensive and makes racking easy.
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    New, confused, and overwhelmed

    Holy crap, I would like 400 pounds of honey "Lying around". Honey is the most costly part of mead making, second to glass. But Glass can be manageable if you recycle your bottles. For me the amount of honey you are talking would make about 45-48 cases work of 12 oz bottles. "But I...
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    New, confused, and overwhelmed

    I must agree with this. Also, when starting out. Don't worry about oxidation. That's some more advanced tinkering. Mead has much less chance of oxidizing than wine. Just don't sweat it. If it takes you 3-6 months to rack, so be it. Mostly, it's about the level of the lees than timing.