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    Do I understand this bulk grain thing correctly?

    I am now buying all of my grains at my LHBS. I have bought online before, but LHBS's need the business and I no longer pinch pennies. I usually buy my yeast there, too. Hops I order in bulk online because while I'm not cheap, I'm not stupid enough to pay $3 per oz. My LHBS carries Briess...
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    Got my water bad is it?

    I just tapped my first beer that I diluted 80/20 with distilled water, no other modifications. I’m floored. First time using citra hops, which I’m not a huge fan of now, and pressurized fermenting in an all rounder. This old dog has learned some new tricks and he is happy. I purchased a RO...
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    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    How did they turn out?
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    Affordable Home Brew Supplies

    Hops Direct has great prices on hops, especially if you are willing to use prior year hops. Another cost saver is either using dry yeast, or washing and reusing your yeast. I buy my grains at LHBS, but I used to get cheap sacks of 2 row at a local brewery before they closed.
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    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

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    All you can do is laugh....

    First time for me with an all-rounder as well. I’m sitting at 10 days with the pressure at just over 15 psi. I bought a picnic tap off Amazon to take gravity samples. Tonights attempt at a gravity reading: 1) Beer geyser from the hose to ball lock connection. In my haste to stop the eruption I...
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    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    I ordered mine September 9th and it delivered yesterday.
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    Pitch temperature when pressure fermenting?

    I usually pitch at 80 and ferment in a 65 degree basement. I primarily use S04 and US05.
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    How long...

    I thought my 5th batch, 2nd all grain was really good. By 10 I was really humming. I dumped batch 6 because I developed my own stout recipe and thought I was an expert. A full pound of black patent in a 5 gallon batch.
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    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    My 65L finally got delivered today! Soooo excited to brew with it, but I’m flush with beer and want to get my basement brew room finished first.
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    How much CO2 is produced during fermentation?

    If you strung together 2 or 3 kegs on a 30 psi fermentation, you would have plenty of CO2 to run your keggerator, and the beer would already be carbonated.
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    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    By far the best dough I have ever made. I had both regular and beer crust, and everyone liked the beer crust better...even the kids.
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    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    I've been using the 5 minute a day artesian bread recipe for years, modified a bit for my pizza dough: 3 cups water 1T yeast 1T kosher salt 3.5C King Arthur bread flour 3c white flour My wife bought me an OONI pellet fired pizza oven yesterday. We fired it up and it was amazing! Anyway, it...
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    How much CO2 is produced during fermentation?

    I can definitely say that I made so much CO2 I’m thinking of ways to harvest it.
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    How much CO2 is produced during fermentation?

    OP here. The new all-rounders have been great. My 10 year old checks them every couple hours and reports on the yeast progress. I’m going to have to buy him a couple of Tilts for Christmas and pair them to his iPad. To settle this ABV measurement discussion, I suggest we agree on a new...
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    All you can do is laugh....

    Last weekend I was chilling my brew with an immersion chiller. I normally use 25 gallons to cool 10 gallons, and I was at 30 gallons and it wouldn’t cool past 130 degrees. I had my hose hooked to the hot tap instead of the cold tap.
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    Newbie CO2 questions

    I just got a new regulator and there was a leak in the body of the regulator. The big "nut" under the adjustment knob was not fully tightened. No more leaks. I'd spray the entire system with a bottle of star san to see where it is coming from.
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    How much CO2 is produced during fermentation?

    So in theory, if you brewed a batch every 4 or 5 days, you could run your fermenter at 12ish psi and run your kegerator with lots of CO2 left over. Perhaps you could run your fermenter at 30 psi and tie in a well water tank into the CO2 system. You wouldn’t need to force carb and would probably...
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    Force carb kegs

    I did it last time and it worked great!
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    How much CO2 is produced during fermentation?

    You are probably correct. I just wanted to swing for the fence on this batch to justify the money I spent in going to low O2 brewing. Hopefully I can taste a difference...which is unlikely since I have Covid and can't even taste my coffee.