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    Lactobacillus works slowly in the presence of alcohol. Don't worry about, but don't keep it ........ it is not going to 'mature'. Drink quick, and sanitize everything as best as possible. Don't get too anal about sanitizing, lacto bacteria is everywhere, so is probably in every batch you...
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    Stuck fermentation?

    I have never mashed at 155 F. I'm usually around 150, or less, so I really don't know how temp affects attenuation. 60% attenuation seems low, and it could be due to high mash temp. How accurate is your thermometer, and where did you take the temperature (6.5 lbs of grain is a sizeable mash...
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    How many of you guys aerate with an oxygen tank?

    Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! If it is a high gravity brew, adding more O2 after about 6 hours will help, but once fermentation really takes off, O2 is the enemy of your beer.
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    Stuck fermentation?

    Mash temp? What was the batch size. Seems a pretty efficient conversion to get 1.050 for a 5 US gallon batch. Since you are using metric units (I think most on here are in the US ..... but not all), you probably are doing a different size batch.
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    Hops lifespan at room temperature.

    After 2 weeks they will be fine. Recommend placing in the freezer, or at least the fridge until you use them. Look on-line and you can find the HSI (Hop Stability Index) for the particular hops that you have. I think 50% is the highest there is (I've not seen any higher). 50% means the hops...
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    How many of you guys aerate with an oxygen tank?

    Over 30 years of brewing and I have not used O2 and have never had a problem where I thought O2 would help. Not saying O2 doesn't do anything, but I have never had the need. I guess I just don't know what I am missing with not using O2. I almost exclusively use liquid yeast, and 'shake' all...
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    Fresh hops turned brown

    So long as they basically dried within a week you are fine. I can't say I have seen mine turn noticeably brown, but there are a number that come off the vine with a lot of brown spots.
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    Agree with passedpawn, you have an infection. But I disagree with just tossing it. If it smells and tastes good (Now be very discerning with this judgement), package it and drink it quick. Lacto 'infection' will add a tart taste to the beer. In many beers it is pleasant, and aimed for, but...
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    Priming With Maltodextrin? (Diastatic yeast)

    Add the malto prior to carbing, so you know what you are working with. I suspect you will not get any conversion of the malto ............ but I really don't know.
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    Delayed boil

    Boiled + no yeast = No fermentation (assuming this is shortly after the boil, and not days). It is probably something from the kettle rising to the top, and not an active fermentation. Like others, I would be concerned the brew could have become infected prior to the boil. Have you tasted it...
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    Raising Fermentation Temperature

    Your good to let it go to room temp. No issues with heating rate. Beer is mostly done, so will not affect flavor, and unless your room temp is 100 F, you will not shock the yeast. It will probably be OK with 100 F. I raise my Belgians at a rate of a couple of degrees a day, starting about...
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    Slow fermentation...

    I assume your refrac vs hydro check was with a liquid without alcohol. Like water. You can still use a refrac for post fermentation, but you will need to use a calculator. there are lots on-line. Just remember this is not as accurate as a hydro sample, but generally pretty close (usually...
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    Old yeast worked - Anyone else used old yeast successfully?

    The question was mainly about dry yeasts, and from people's experience, is a 'well kept' 12 years old yeast an OK thing to pitch. Would/Could one pitch the pack and be reasonably confident it will work, or was my experience a rarity. Looks like 1 person had similar experience. Not seen any...
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    Old yeast worked - Anyone else used old yeast successfully?

    I brewed for the first time in 9 months today. Making a brew with my Homegrown hops harvested last week. Normally I brew every month and have fresh yeast or fresh slurry to use. But because I had not brewed for a long time I didn't have any fresh yeast. I found several old packs of yeast in...
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    When to add immersion chiller

    I put mine in after I have taken the pot off the heat. Been doing it that way for years with no issues. Wort temp only drops a few degrees. If adding a couple of lbs of extract (I can't mash enough grains on my system for a big beer), I'll add the extract after I have taken the pot off the...
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    Why so sweet?

    1.008 should not be 'sweet'. You do not have an infection. Any infection takes time to have an impact, and you would taste it. Notty can be a beast, and 89% attenuation is not out of the question. Why it is getting sweeter - I don't have any advice on that.
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    Adding citrus juice to fermenter

    I have a beer coming up that needs lemon zest and coriander. Is there any problem with adding the juice from the lemons to the fermenter? I have heard there could be issues with adding citrus juice (lemon, orange, etc.).
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    Is it possible for gravity to drop from 1039 to 1010 in 4 days?

    Yes, that drop in that time is normal.
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    Primary, Secondary, Bulk Aging, and Bottling: Help a guy out

    Leaving beer on the yeast supposedly allows the yeast to clean up some undesirable flavors created during fermentation (acetaldehyde - apple flavor comes to mind). If you bottle and take the beer off the yeast, it does not have the chance to clean up these off flavors as you have removed the...
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    Fermentation on my Saison

    Let it go and get as low as it wants to. I think that yeast has a reputation of stalling around 1.030 for a while before finishing. I have never used it. No need to rack to secondary unless aging in bulk. It will be fine for a few months in the Primary.