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    Fermentation temperature = ?

    I just batched an Irish Stout using Safale us-05 yeast. The yeast has a temperature range of 59 to 75 F. Can anyone tell me what the expected difference might be in the final beer flavor between fermenting at the low temperature end compared to the high end?
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    Cold crash duration?

    I put my fermenter full of brown ale (with S-04 yeast) in the fridge to cold crash on Friday. I'm not sure when I will find time to bottle it. How long can I let it sit in the fridge (@ +/- 42dF) before I have to worry about the yeast going totally dormant and unable to bottle carb/condition?
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    Batch in fermenter, carboy inside igloo cooler... temp question?

    I am doing the same thing. My yeast calls for temp range between 59 and 75F. I found that two completely frozen 12 oz water bottles in the igloo each day keeps the beer at a constant 65F. I just keep a few water bottles in the freezer and swap out two each day. I didn't fill the igloo with...
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    Brewing in a HOT apartment

    Funny, I bought the exact same ice chest last week for the exact same purpose...had to go against my personal rule of boycotting the Evil Empire, but tough times call for tough measures.
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    Aging beer?

    I am down to my last three bomber bottles of Scotch Ale (1060 OG) and Hefe (1048 OG). I am going to tuck these away and let them age. What would be the optimum aging time for these beers? How long is too long before they start to go bad? edit: they will go in a closet where ambient temp is...
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    What should wort look like after boiling?

    Get a new thermometer. A candy thermometer is designed for higher temps. I'm guessing yours has a range from around 80F to 400F? (my wife's does). I use a floating Dairy thermometer that has a range from 0 to 220F. Unlike your candy thermometer you can also use it to take the temperature...
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    Adding ice during cold break

    Forgive me, what is "RO"?
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    Adding ice during cold break

    I have read several threads where people suggest ice to cool down wort. Correct me if I am wrong, but if you add ice aren't you just dumping in non-sanitized water, thus increasing the chances of infection?
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    Camping stove?

    I thought so. Thanks!
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    Camping stove?

    The wife wants me out of her kitchen. I have a 12,000 BTU camping stove in the garage. Will that work for a 5 gal. boil (or 3 gal. boil with 2 gal. top off)? I looked up some turkey fryers and those are rated at around 50K to 60K BTU's. So I'm thinking the camping stove might not do the job...
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    Hop substitution?

    I have a brown ale recipe that calls for Target and East Kent hops. I also happen to have Centennial and Cascade hops left over from a previous brew day. Are Cascade and Centennial similar enough to substitute? Or should I just stick with the recipe?
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    Why use lactose in beer?

    I did a search but didn't find the answer to this. What is the purpose of adding lactose to beer recipes? Is it just for flavor in certain beer styles, or is there more to it?
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    Steeping grains: How much H2O? How long?

    Ahh looks familiar...from BM's Centennial thread no doubt? I brewed this recipe a couple months ago (except I added some Crystal 10 grains to it). I steeped for 20 mins. in 3.5 gals. which was also my boil, then topped up to 5 gal. It fermented out in 3 days but I let it sit for 4 weeks in...
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    Clone beers don't taste like the real thing

    Would you recommend the Newcastle recipe...even if not as a clone but as a good/similar brown ale? I'm looking for a good brown ale recipe that is similar in style to Newcastle. Also, is this a partial mash, or are they just steeping grains?
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    AHS Newcastle Clone?

    Thanks all for the feedback. I am not necessarily looking for an exact match to Newcastle. I just want a good brown ale, and since Newcastle is one of my all time favorites, I figured I would just shoot for something similar. I have had other brown ales that I didn't care for much so I don't...
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    Corona Bottles

    I use Corona bottles and haven't had any issues. Out of curiosity I just looked at the difference between one of my empty Coronas and a standard amber long neck (from the LHBS). The lip of the two bottles are the same size, however the lower ridge where a wing capper seats itself against is...
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    help, my wife spit in my beer

    If you believe Eric Cartman - YouTube - South Park - BJ - this will be the ultimate test of your homebrew's ability to fight off infection.
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    AHS Newcastle Clone?

    Has anyone brewed AHS's Newcastle clone kit: Austin Homebrew Supply Good? Bad? Ugly? Would love any feedback before I order it. Thanks!
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    Blonde Ale Centennial Blonde (Simple 4% All Grain, 5 & 10 Gall)

    Curious - was there any noticeable difference (in flavor) between the PM's and AG's? I have an extract version of this bottled for 3 weeks now. It isn't quite what I was trying resembles a light Pale Ale - like Sierra Nevada but not quite as hoppy. I was hoping for something more...
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    Newcastle Clone (extract version)?

    Anyone got a good recipe? I couldn't find an extract version with the search. Edit: Answer: scroll to bottom of this page. Next topic: why can't the search feature provide these results without having to post the question on a new thread?