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    Best way to keep hot break and hops out of the plate chiller and fermentor ?

    I just use a hop spider. I don't fuss about the hot break, providing you use adequate kettle finnings and you transfer slowly the hot break just gathers at the bottom of the kettle. You don't even need to whirlpool. If you really worried about it then you can add a filter to the kettle or...
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    acidulated malt v. lactic acid

    I used acid malt as it's the most convenient. I weight out the grain bill the night before brew day, this avoids doing any in process pH adjustment of the mash. I acidify the sparge water with phosphoric acid also the night before, again saving time on brew day. I normally target a mash pH of...
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    I am brewing this in a few days. The beer folks weren't helpful when i asked about my yeast choice. Maybe you mead folk can offer some insights. NB its a 6 L batch. Thanks Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Boil Size: 9.35 l Post Boil Volume: 6.35 l Batch Size (fermenter): 6.00 l...
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    Wyeast 3724 Belgian Saison Stall

    I did need all the replies so sorry if it been said. IMO you have over pitched and as such you don't have enough daughter cells "born" during the growth phase. So you relying on a single generation to ferment the whole batch. You have also pitch too warm. Belgian yeast don't like temperature...
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    WLP036 Düsseldorf Alt Ale Yeast-Maximum Alcohol tolerance

    Hi, I am using this yeast for a braggot, because of it clean malt forward and soft finish. White labs list it as medium tolerance 5-10%. Normally i find most yeast will exceed label claims especially for simple sugars like honey. Currently my recipe is around 9% avb but I wondering what I can...
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    Fermenting a Westvleteren 8 clone (free rising question)

    I have a Westy 8 clone attempt lined up. I intend to ferment with a semi open (loosely fitting screw top lid) 30L fermenter for a 12 L batch to minimize back pressure/provide favorable fermenter geometry. I will rack the beer to keg for lagering for a month as soon as it finishes up to get it...
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    Who's NOT making IPAs and what are you brewing?

    Currently got a brown in a fermenter and a porter in the pipeline. I haven't brewed an IPA since march.
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    To dry hop, or not to dry hop

    If you are using a bottling wand, support it with one hand to aviod putting pressure on the spigot. Using a bottling bucket is really unnecessary and it an out of date practice for home-brewing. Do doing so you are effectively adding an areation step to the bottling process. Also make sure you...
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    To dry hop, or not to dry hop

    I noticed a significant difference in dry hop aroma quality when I moved from bottle to keg. IMO it's very difficult to avoid oxidation associated with dry hopping and bottling without the ability to have the very small purgible headspace of a keg. My advice would be skip the dry hop on this...
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    How long to dry bean

    yeah +1 on the 2 days. I recommend using whole beans about 3oz
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    Rye Lager

    I would be really interested in the tasting notes when its ready.
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    Water Profile for Vienna Lager

    Hi Martin, as I understand it the water profile for boiled Vienna in brun' water is an historic profile based on Danube River water. I know there has been some debate in the past regarding breweries in the region using alpine spring water which is much softer. I have made a Vienna a few times...
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    Festbier specifics from the Big 6 breweries 2019

    Technically, an Octoberfest beer is any beer purposely brewed for the festival, which where historical Marzen's ( as in beers brewed in march for lagering through the summer). Most Marzen's don't ever become octoberfest because, well as you know, when you have a bunch of beers sitting around...
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    You know you're a home brewer when?

    When you have two chest freezers and niether contain food.
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    Tell my why I shouldn’t use a bag for a filter in my mash tun.

    As someone how has used a bazooka, a bag and a false bottom. I have to say the false bottom is by far the best. It's not one of the crappy dome shaped ones it's a 2 mm sheet of Lazer cut steel that covers the entire bottom of the tun and about 1/2 inch off the bottom. It closely resembles a...
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    Coffee Hefeweizen?

    Look at dunkle weizen recipes, that would make a great base beer for a coffee addition. Also make sure you dry bean with whole beans and taste every day. For a stout about 2 Oz for three days usually does the trick but you might want to half it and try it after just a day, coffee can quickly...
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    Rye Lager

    If you need hulls will mostly depend on the design of you mash tun. If you have a bazooka screen or similar you might struggle. If you have a false bottom you shouldn't have issues. I will say though that rye is much more sticky than wheat. My system can handle 50% wheat malt with no impact on...
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    Kreuzberg beer

    I brewing a vienna next week, but I think I will have a crack at this once fermenter space is free.
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    Vienna Lager + German Pils

    Are you trying to make a pilsener or a Vienna. If you are making a pils and want a more bitter one try a north German pils. A straight 100% pilsener malt, with a long and low mash, with high sulphate water, with a small addition of noble hop varities will get you a dry and bitter lager. Ferment...