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    High pressure picnic tap recommendation

    It definitely doesn’t “need” to be pressurized that high, but it’s quite refreshing and enjoyable with a high psi like that, served on ice. It definitely needs to be much more than the 10-15psi used for most beers.
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    High pressure picnic tap recommendation

    Looks promising. You have/used one?
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    High pressure picnic tap recommendation

    I’ve got a cocktail kegged up and sitting around 35psi. I don’t want to put it in an actual spot in my kegerator as I think it will take a long time to get through it. So I’ve got it in a spare fridge and connected a basic picnic tap to it. Don’t remember the exact brand I bought but I think...
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    Kegged beer starts off watery

    What I'm hearing is the first few beers go down like water, until the buzz kicks in. But seriously, with beer that's being kept cold in a keg, I'd start by figuring out if it's carbonation related. Presumably you force carb in keg, and depending on the beer, if you just set it and forget it...
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    Cream ale fermented down to .002

    I don't think it was a fluke with the yeast, per se, and I don't think you'll know what the real answer is based off a one-off batch. But... You mashed at 149 which makes highly fermentable wort. The corn is going to provide mostly fermentable sugar and not much else compared to barley. The...
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    Brewing with fruits

    I personally don't have a taste for bitter + sour in one beer. It's a pretty common disposition. You can do things like citrus peels with an IPA if you're so inclined as they won't add acid.
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    "Dry Leafing" – how to sanitize?

    If by medicinal alcohol, you mean isopropyl alcohol, don't. That's not for consumption.
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    "Dry Leafing" – how to sanitize?

    If you're really serious about getting a specific flavor, I'd suggest you taste test 4 preparations: 1. Cold water, long extraction time 2. Cold alcohol, long extraction time 3. Hot water, short extraction time 4. Hot alcohol, short extraction time Generally, the purpose for soaking plant...
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    "Dry Leafing" – how to sanitize?

    I would suggest you make the birch leaf tea in the same way you would make iced tea, e.g. add the leaves to water and store it in the fridge for a few days. Then before you intend to add it to your beer, add an appropriate amount of campden/sulfite to it to kill any micro ogranisms in it and...
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    So i have unlimited access to LN2

    The liquid nitrogen would boil when it hit the liquid water. The keg would overflow. I doubt very much you'd be able to seal the keg while it's overflowing. If you did seal the keg, you'd have to hope it doesn't explode since you have no way of knowing how much of that liquid nitrogen...
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    1st Time Fly Sparge

    I'm presuming you were trying to get something like 6.5 or 7 gallons into the kettle. One quart represents 3.6% to 3.8% of the total volume. Theres a bunch of things that would account for that level of variance in a small home brew system. Are you really worried about it?
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    Tilt Bluetooth Hydrometer Detailed Review

    Just ordered a Tilt. Aside from getting a better picture of how fermentation is progressing, I'm also interested in seeing how helpful it is for estimating the change to SG caused by ingredient additions during fermentation. I have a base beer fermenting now and I'll be racking it onto a...
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    Tilt Bluetooth Hydrometer Detailed Review

    Do you have to have something (e.g. iphone running tilt app) within bluetooth range all the time in order to catch the readings? Or does the Tilt store the readings and then you can sync up your iphone to it whenever you want? E.g. I drop the tilt into the fermentor at 10AM and then I come back...
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    Suggestions On Replacing CFC

    In my opinion, immersion chiller is the way to go, especially if you have a whirlpool setup in your kettle. However, I will caution that the jaded hydra is overpriced. It is a 50' immersion chiller. You pump cold water in one end and hot water comes out the other. There is literally...
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    Cherry vanilla cream ale

    I would suggest skipping the hops entirely. Cherries contribute a lot of acid, and high acid + bitterness is generally not palatable, though your palate may vary. And generally speaking, people expect sour when eating cherries, not bitter. For the lactose, I'd ad it all at once. I'm not...
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    Pump recommendation

    As others have noted, I don't know that you're going to find a self priming pump. I'd also say that a self priming pump is unnecessary and the troubles you've had are user error (no offense). Put your pump below your liquid source. Make sure you've oriented you're inlet/outlet correctly...
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    Peanuts are about 50% oil by weight. Pecans are about 75% oil by weight. Hazelnuts generally fall somewhere between peanuts and pecans in oil content. If you've used pecans and were happy with the results, then you'd probably find hazelnuts (or peanuts) acceptable. Breakside Brewing makes a...
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    OK, why am I struggling with Low Hop Aroma and Flavor in IPAs?

    From your description, it sounds like you're looking to increase the intensity of hop aroma. So some suggestions for that 1. You mention flame out hops. At flame out, the wort is really hot and hence will result in loss of some of the hop aroma of your addition. I would suggest you cool your...
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    Your "uh oh...." moments....

    Like the last two posts, heated my mash water, dumped the grain into the mash tun with the water, RIMS stopped working. Realized I didn't put the false bottom in the mash tun. Proceeded to scoop everything out, clean the tun, put in the false bottom, then return it all and return to temp...
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    I am kinda new to homebrewing... is this a good hop combo?

    Just a suggestion, if you consider yourself "new" then consider doing single hop varietal brews for a while. Do so and you'll eventually be able to picture how particular hops would combine. Skip that part and make beers with multiple types all the time and you'll have a hard time picking out...