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    What's your profession?

    Full time dad, part time brewer, brewing consultant, and to make ends meet in the meantime a baker of chocolate cakes.
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    New Zealand pubs

    For a decent hand pulled beer up here your best bet would be Galbraiths or Vultures Lane in Auckland, Vultures have two and Galbraiths has about 8 of their own on handpull, Brothers Beer also recently installed one, not sure of options down Hamilton way if that's where you live? I wish we had...
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    Henry's Law

    OK I get that. Is there any way to know how long it would actually take, I'd be quite interested to read up on this concept? I assume that the speed of equilibrium could be increased by splashing, or would I be right to assume that although it would mix no much O2 would actually diffuse into...
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    Henry's Law

    I had a brewer explain to me that due to Henry's law there must always (in normal circumstances) be the required amount of oxygen in the wort because as it cools it has no option but to enter solution. Does this apply to brewer's wort with it's increased gravity...
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    Oxygenated beer

    You may be lucky as what you are explaining is basically this What yeast did you use? In a nut brown the oxidation could provide a positive, if you can then I would brew another batch but use a blowoff tube as described...
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    Conditioning phase temps

    If you reached FG there will be no issues at all, lower temps simply help to promote yeast flocculation.
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    I finally got my first brewday of the year yesterday. It's nice not to be so busy working that I have time for more important things like brewing. Also looking forward to brewing the final trial batch for my first commercial brew, contracted at a local 600L brewery! 2014 is going to be a good...
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    Hello from ChCh, New Zealand

    Welcome Droogish! I started with kits and took longer than I ever should have to move on. Keep reading and learning and you will be getting into all grain before you know it. Great to see another NZ brewer on here too :mug:
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    Is yeast washing really helping???

    An interesting article. Still, if you keep 1% of the yeast you will have at most 1% of the trub. Any bacteria, although always present, is a measure of fault in the process. When you step up the yeast count to the required pitch you will have no more trub than in the original, that is why I...
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    Need help with next batch

    I would trust BeerSmith if you know any changes you may have made are reasonably accurate. It wouldn't be the first time a different process was used than given in a book. When I started brewing I found following these recipes much more difficult than when I had the understanding of AG and why...
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    Yeast starter smells of creamed corn

    Cream corn would usually be either a symptom of DMS, bacteria or just a sulphur put out by the yeast. Im not familiar with that beer so I don't know the yeast character but for me if it smells sweet and good I would expect that a yeast culture is fine, if it is more rancid or sour/tart I would...
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    1st Time Recipe Advice

    When you say you are going for hoppy are you going for bitterness or hop flavour/aroma, if it is the latter I would move 1/2 oz from bittering to flameout or dryhop
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    What can a 3kW element do?

    That sounds pretty sweet. I don't really need to go up to 10g batches but having a baby means it can be really hard to fit brewing in at the minute. It would be nice to have the option, or at least the option for a corny and a case for Ron.
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    What can a 3kW element do?

    Hi all, I know this has probably been asked a thousand times but I couldn't find the answers I was after by searching... How well does a 3kw element work for a HLT and Keggle? Can someone with experience let me know if they can go to 10g batches with this set up or will it struggle with...
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    The stupidest comment on your beer

    Sounds like he's hinting at something to me... sounds like a Workaholics scene. :drunk:
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    The stupidest comment on your beer

    I wish we had more teenagers like that over here, they might be ignorant busybodies but here you would get beaten up for a copper pipe, they steal that stuff even if it's nailed down!
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    Two-Tier One Pump Rig Design Issue

    Thanks northcal, I was thinking that I would be best to close the valve slowly, so no problems with transferring clear wort to the kettle after the recirculation, closing the valve and swapping hoses then running off to the kettle?
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    Two-Tier One Pump Rig Design Issue

    Hi everyone just after a couple of tips on my rig design. I am building a two tier system with one pump. HLT will be elevated for gravity fed fly sparging. I was planning on recirculating the mash using my march pump to clear and then pumping to the kettle while gravity ensures the HLT feeds...
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    Funny Taste

    +1 to the above, both are a necessity IMO if you want to brew great beer.
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    Increased boil time for a better beer?

    I like to think of steak cooked on a red hot skillet for mine but same thing :)