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    Kveik yeast underattenuating?

    I wasn’t worried about the first one as much cause that made a nice 6.5% beer. However this one was supposed to be 5 something and I’m sitting at 4.3. Attenuation is supposed to be 85% I’m sitting at 62%. And I’ve had my hearing beat on it it’s been high 80s low 90s throughout
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    Kveik yeast underattenuating?

    52-54 is my standard for my ipas for the most part and I’m usually under 1.014, I wasn’t expecting to actually hit 1.009, but I definitely didn’t want 1.019. I’ve only ever had this issue with the kveik strains specifically
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    Kveik yeast underattenuating?

    First one was 149, second one was 154, 60 minute mash both times
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    Kveik yeast underattenuating?

    Second batch of a kveik ipa. From my calculations (I use the Brewfather app) the first batch I used imperial kveiking, it was supposed to be about 8% finishing at 1.007, it actually finished at 1.017. Admittedly I stressed the yeast out by doing less nutrient and airating than normal so that’s...
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    Abv after purée

    According to brewers orchard (purée company) 11lbs is between 1-1.4 gal, so 13.2 will probably be around 1.5
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    Abv after purée

    I’m currently making a tropical melomel that came out to about 9.7% (OG 1.070, FG .997, about 7 gal) I’m adding about 13.2 lbs of brewers orchard purée to it after adding sulphite and sorbate to retain all flavor and leave the sweetness as well. with this much purée and volume how can I figure...
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    Kettle sour pellicle?

    Made a kettle sour that I boiled for 90 minutes. Used yogurt to sour to a bout 3.73 before boil. Used a kveik yeast in it. FG was 1.008. Looked clean when bottled. Been in the bottle for 6 days, popped one open yesterday (didn’t notice anything on top after being in the fridge). This morning we...
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    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    I use a BIAB in mine, I started doing this when I noticed the amount of grain that would slip in when mashing the normal way then just graduated to just taking the pipe plain out
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    Pulling aromas from hops for candles

    Interested in starting this however after perusing multiple threads haven’t found out much and most posts tend to be older. Has anyone found a method for doing this?
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    Hop Scented Candles

    Did you ever try this? Did it work?
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    Post your infection

    Used a vintners best hemp wine base, made half by itself and put the other half into a cider house kit. Both of those had this oily kinda film on top that when I put my wine thief in broke apart. Could this be something from the hemp (the base contains cbd) or something starting??
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    Slight film on wine kit

    Vintners best base kit. Had slight film that when putting wine thief in made a clear break, anything to worry about?
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    Bakers yeast and traditional brews

    Those Belgian characteristics would be normal cause realistically that is the “original farmhouse yeast” with my gotlandsdrenke I plan on comparing it to a brewers farmhouse yeast to see the differences. My only worry is I don’t want to infect plastic equipment is lacto will be present so I’m...
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    Bakers yeast and traditional brews

    I plan on trying a few types of traditions brews (sahti and gotlandsdrenk) which call for use of bread yeast. While reading a very in depth article the author talked about when using bread yeast that there is some lactic acidosis bacteria present in bakers yeast that can cause souring? Has...
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    Forgot to chop raisins

    Alright thanks haven’t done that way before and didn’t want to go through the trouble of pulling them out if I didn’t have to
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    Forgot to chop raisins

    Forgot to chop raisins in mead and threw them in whole. Besides less sugar from them is there anything else negative that will come of that?
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    Forgot sulphide before bottling

    I have no issue getting to that abv. I double pitch yeast and give it nutrient then let it go...
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    Forgot sulphide before bottling

    I used thicker composite natural corks
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    Forgot sulphide before bottling

    Made 6 week wine kit, sulphites and sorbate added 4 weeks before bottling. Forgot to add more sulphites before bottling. Wine is at 16%. What timeline am I lookin at here before spoilage
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    Metallic molasses?

    It’s not strong but you stop noticing it after the second sip, not sure if that will make a difference.