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    DMS from Fermentation?

    I brewed my first pilsner (also my first lager) two weekends ago and it tasted great going into the fermenter; there was no hint of DMS. That made sense because I boiled vigorously for 90 min and chilled to below 80 F within 10 minutes. But then, a couple days ago I took a taste of the...
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    Beer Quick Disconnect Won't Connect to Post could be a super strong poppet spring. I'll check that out next.
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    Kegging beer and force carbonating

    Here are my 2 cents: 1. When do you keg your beer? I keg my beer once all yeast action is complete. Fermentation is usually complete after 3-4 days, but the yeast are still actively absorbing their previous waste products for a week or two after that, depending on the beer. Once the yeast is...
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    Beer Quick Disconnect Won't Connect to Post

    I just bought a used corny and replaced all the O-rings / poppets. I kegged a pale ale this morning, but when I tried to attach the quick disconnect, it wouldn't latch. The QD attaches fine to my other kegs. I checked to make sure that the beer and gas posts weren't switched and they're not. I...
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    3rd and final attempt at american wheat do you see anything wrong?!?

    I believe that's a belgian witbier rather than an american wheat beer. You might try the Jamil Show for some pointers on the style. I will also say that it is a very difficult style. Do you have a second favorite beer style?
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    Pouring Guinness - methods explained?

    One more way that I've done myself: Carbonate with CO2 to 1.6 volumes. At the very beginning of the pour, open the CO2 tap just a crack, allowing gas to come out of solution. After about a second, open the tap all the way. The bubbles from the initial second of pouring act as nucleation sites...
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    Fermenting Rotten Egg Smell

    I get these smells often from various wheat yeasts regardless of fermentation temperature. It usually happens toward the end of fermentation and dissipates after fermentation has stopped. My advice for any others who may be reading this thread is just to make sure the smell is gone before...
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    Homebrew Stir Plate Potentiometer Issues: Assistance Appreciated!

    Walker, several of the potentiometers I've tested act like the volume potentiometers you described, including the 5k ohm one, but it is labeled "Linear." I need to read the packages of these things more carefully, I guess. I have soldered everything in place except for where the potentiometer...
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    American Wheat yeast

    There's a flavor in the American Wheat style that comes from the yeast. It's hard to describe, but you know it when you taste it. In my opinion, S-05 or Nottingham would not produce that flavor and the beer would be boring. I brewed an American Wheat a week ago using Wyeast 1010 and the...
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    Homebrew Stir Plate Potentiometer Issues: Assistance Appreciated!

    I also have a 5k ohm potentiometer but it acts almost like a switch because it's all off and then suddenly all on. From all the replies it sounds like I need to figure out the resistance of the fan and match that to the resistance of the potentiometer.
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    Homebrew Stir Plate Potentiometer Issues: Assistance Appreciated!

    I'm building a homebrew stir plate and I'm having potentiometer issues; the 25 ohm potentiometer I bought doesn't turn the fan down enough. This is how I wired things initially: +>rocker switch>potentiometer(25 ohm)>fan - >fan So then I added various amounts of resistance (10-200+ ohms)...
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    Yeast Out the Top!

    Update: The bubbling has only slowed a little since my initial post. I took a gravity reading today; it was down to 1.016, so I'm confident it'll make it down close to where it needs to be. Thanks for the replies! Hopefully others can learn from this as well. To close the loop, I'll report...
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    Yeast Out the Top!

    I'm currently fermenting an american wheat for my girlfriend. This beer has to be passible at a minimum because it's a birthday present. There is also no margin for error, the due date is upon me. THIS beer must work! It's now been 3 days since pitching a smack-pack of Wyeast 1010 american...
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    My take on the BMBF/Picnic tap issues

    Ha! Yeah, I guess the main thing was I didn't have one of the right size. But I really don't think the stopper is necessary. Works either way.
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    My take on the BMBF/Picnic tap issues

    I just started kegging about a month-and-a-half ago, and last week I had occasion to give some homebrew away to friends. So I read all the posts about the BMBF and so I thought I try something like that, but it seemed too complicated ;) This post is mostly just to spread the knowledge I've found...
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    Using Keg as Secondary for Lager

    What went wrong?
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    Are you all alcoholics?

    Alcoholism is defined by the consequences. If there are severe repercussions from your beer drinking, yet you still do it, you are an alcoholic. This could be anything from not showing up to work frequently due to hangovers, to spending all your money on beer, to getting fat or destroying your...
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    Cloudy beer question

    This leads me to believe it was bottle conditioned. Was there a layer of yeast sediment at the bottom?
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    Pliny the Elder

    I had it for the first time a month ago. I was surprised that it wasn't all that bitter. It's all about hop flavor, and the bitterness just complements the flavor. It's a great beer.
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    Help with which hops to add IPA

    Yes, it will affect the bitterness, but there's no way he can get IIPA hop flavor with 3 oz of hops. I say shoot for a pale ale and he'll be happier with the results.