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    Anyone made a crowberry wine?

    I live in Alaska, first time I've been out picking crowberries. I got about a gallon. Was thinking of making a wine. I'd like to do a 5 gallon batch so I may add a bunch of blueberry too. Has anyone made a Crowberry wine? Or point me to a recipe? Thanks
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    Rhubarb wine with steam juicer

    I thought I had replied to this. Diluted it tastes like you could drink a glass of it, I'll have to try making some lemonade with it at some point. But back to the wine, I ended up with 4 and a half gallons, which I split in half for 2 different batches. I gave half to my sister. For my batch...
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    Rhubarb wine with steam juicer

    Yeah I had considered adjusting the pH up half a point, but I need some more precise strips. The ones I'm using now are 0-14. The juice itself tastes great when it's sweetened a little.
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    Rhubarb wine with steam juicer

    So I went and picked like 60 lbs of Rhubarb from my sister's house, I've got about half of it run through my eurocuisine steam juicer. The color is so lovely and it's pretty clear. I've gotten about about 2.5 gallons in the first 25 lbs of rhubarb, so I'm thinking I will end up just shy of 6...
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    Tried this recipe AG. Pretty good. Was 1.070 post boil OG. Had to bitter with cascade instead since I somehow only ended up with 1oz of Haller which I saved for the end of the boil. Primary for 3 weeks. No secondary, just ran it through a bouncer filter into serving keg. Fermented at 60* in a...