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    Inline flow control

    Ok, I'll try it again with a cold line. What I meant about the lines was that when my beer has sat in the line for a couple days, the first bit I dispense is flat, it seems until I get to the fresh stuff out of the keg. But that doesn't make sense, since the stuff in the line should still be...
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    Inline flow control

    I'm trying to dispense some soda, and getting nothing but trouble. I'm new to kegging entirely, and I seem to have it worked out for my beer, but the soda is killing me. I've got a keg of grape soda carbed up, on the order of 4 volumes of CO2, trying to serve from a party tap and of course it...
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    Uh oh...

    I'm pretty sure 4.7 volumes won't blow the bottle. Most of the soda makers here carb like that and they use the same bottles and caps. It will be more bubbly than other ciders, but I'd say don't mess with it, just ride it out and enjoy the fizz.
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    If it's homemade, can I still call it a coke?

    I'm not in a rut, I picked up "oofta" after getting married! However, I will never refer to joyriding in small circles while spinning my tires as "turning cookies" like the folks here in Southeast Idaho. That's just weird. It's donuts, dang it! After all, there's a hole in the middle!
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    If it's homemade, can I still call it a coke?

    Thank you all for the participation, both sarcastic and serious! It's a good point that I'm living in an area where most such beverages are called soda rather than coke. What further complicates the issue is that when I say coke I'm often, but not always, referring to Coca-Cola, because I love...
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    If it's homemade, can I still call it a coke?

    I've had this exact conversation.
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    If it's homemade, can I still call it a coke?

    You sound like my Wisconsinite in-laws.
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    If you like it hot...Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic)

    I don't know why people talk about chile in ginger ale like it's a bad thing. I made some with 3 lbs of ginger and a tsp of chipotle and it was face meltingly awesome. One of the best things I've ever drunk.
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    If it's homemade, can I still call it a coke?

    Growing up near Albuquerque, we followed the southern style of referring to almost every possible soda as "a coke", with a little c. "I'm gonna go get a coke." *comes back with grocery store brand orange soda* Now I'm starting to get into homemade soda, and I hate calling it soda. Would...
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    Worst Craft Breweries

    "In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face is that, in the grand scheme...
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    What are your contrarian/"unpopular" beer opinions?

    I'm still in the pro-bottle camp, even though I just got my first keg setup. Agreed on "Why clone what I can buy?", but if it's a clone of something commercial you can't readily buy, that's not really applicable. I didn't realize my propensity to use crystal in almost everything was...
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    Cola without any extracts

    Man, why'd you have to go ruin a great thread of wild speculation and baseless supposition with your so-called "facts" and "research"?! But seriously, that's some good info, thanks.
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    Cola without any extracts

    I would have thought the salient flavor in a cola wouldbe kola nut, not the coca part. I'd give that a try. You can get kola nuts whole, powdered, or extract on Amazon.
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    Sterilising in the oven

    I use iodophor in a simple spritzer bottle. Cheaper than starsan and vinator and just as effective. Set them upright and just dump right before filling. I'd use the same basic technique for cheese, jam, anything I want sanitized.
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    The Greatest Brew I Ever Made Was...

    A honey wheat that I thought was infected. Let it sit in the primary for a couple months till I got the gumption to throw it out, but instead it was amazing. Now it's a regular repeat of mine.
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    A beginner...again.

    3 words: Big Mouth Bubblers. Check em out.
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    anyone have a good corona clone recipe

    This thread is the equivalent of those click bait crap ads that show up all over. "You'll never believe what happens next!" Even mix between BMC jokes, BMC defenders, and actual responses to the question? Yep, I guessed it, and yet somehow I still clicked on the thread.
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    Will (some) the Vanilla Flavor Drop Out

    I made a vanilla porter with about 8 beans in 5 gallons (I got em really cheap). After 2 months in the bottle the vanilla was so strong I couldn't even drink it. After 6 months it had mellowed out beautifully and was one of the best beers I ever made. The flavor then stayed consistent over about...
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    Capping bottles

    When I first got into it, I asked at a couple of bars if I could take their empties. Most of em said "Our recycling guy picks up on Tuesday, so come on Monday" or something like it. Don't your bars have normal tops? Or are they all topless?
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    priming sugar ?

    I've used both corn sugar and cane sugar and couldn't tell much difference. For one batch I think you're just fine using what you have on hand. I do use corn sugar regularly because it's a bit easier to measure. Other than that, take your pick.