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  1. Z

    Checking in from the Sunshine State

    Welcome to forum! Good to see another Florida native :mug:
  2. Z

    Good Beers Available in NC

    Thanks so much for the suggestions :mug: I'll try as many as time permits!
  3. Z

    Good Beers Available in NC

    Im going to be visiting some friends up at the University of North Carolina in a few weeks and wanted to see if theres any beers in the area i should try.
  4. Z

    What "Newcastle" beer do people rave about?

    I used to really like that beer when i first started trying other beers than the usual BMC stuff. But not i dont really like it that much.
  5. Z

    Just got a job interview at Harpoon Brewery!

    Thats pretty cool. Good luck. let us know how it goes
  6. Z

    Dales Pale river beer.

    Ive really enjoyed all the beers ive had from Oskar Blues....dang it now im going to have to go out and buy some this week.
  7. Z

    Iron Man

    i was pleasantly suprised by this movie. Trailers looked good but i had my reservations. Ill probably buy it when it comes out on DVD.
  8. Z

    So I just had my 1st schlitz

    Never tried schlitz. I used to see it gas stations every now and then, but now i cant even think of the last time i saw it for sale.
  9. Z

    Dogfish Head in California...

    I thought dogfish head was pretty much available everywhere. i guess thats because ive been able to buy it here in florida for quite a while and the beer selection down here is pretty bad at most places. The 90 min. is one of my favorite IPAs out there.
  10. Z

    Bells Batch 7000

    i missed out on the batch 7000. I drank a couple batch 8000s and really enjoyed them.
  11. Z

    new guy from the Buckeye State

    Welcome to the site :mug:
  12. Z

    How far do you drive to your job??

    Its about 17 miles from my house to work. Usually takes about 30-45 mins.
  13. Z

    Mechanical Engineers

    im not a ME but im going to college to be one and i work with a lot of them. The math you will use really depends on what you're going to end up doing. Where i work we have tons of programs that do most of the math for you.
  14. Z

    Greetings from Pittsburgh/DC

    Welcome to the site. Best of luck with the competition.
  15. Z

    AB Shock Top (warning?)

    i realize that you cant always see a label for beer you order at certain places. i just wanted to put that info out there for anyone who is able to see a tap or label.
  16. Z

    AB Shock Top (warning?)

    Theres a pretty reliable way to tell if a "craft" beer is from AB. They always use some kind of character and that character always has SUNGLASSES on.
  17. Z

    Hackers post flashing messages on epilepsy page.

    thats incredibly messed up. i hope they are caught.
  18. Z

    Noob From Austin

    Welcome to the site!
  19. Z

    Are you guys for real?

    ill drink BMC stuff if im at a bar and thats all they offer or if im working outside and i want something light do drink. When i want to sit back and enjoy a beer ill go with whatever craft beer im in the mood for. I personally think that the hating on BMC stuff has gone up a bit since they...
  20. Z

    Hello from Seattle

    Welcome to the site! My guess is that maybe you put added to much sugar when you bottled.