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    How to Triple Hop a Miller Lite Clone!

    Holy effin necro thread, Batman! Just remember what was said earlier: a beer this light is a serious test of your ability to control every aspect of the process, since every mistake will be emphasized. Good luck with your cheap beer!
  2. K

    These beers worth it....?

    Hmmm... I'm not sure about that wine comment. It's all relative, and we all have different price points we're comfortable with, but you can get a pretty good bottle of wine for $25, so I start feeling pretty snobbish buying bombers at that price. To put it another way: I've certainly enjoyed...
  3. K

    Where can I find the absolute highest quality hops?

    I think the most obvious answer is to grow your own, but my Zeus, Willamette, and Centennial only combine in so many ways. I've always been content with what I can get at my LBS, but I'd also be interested in who likes what from the online shops!
  4. K

    Considering opening a homebrew store

    Depending on where you are on the business plan, you may want to consider taking a community college class. I've heard from several small business owners that said they took a business class and used it to write their business plan. If you want general tips on what you don't know, you could try...
  5. K

    Least Time Consuming Chiller?

    I've been thinking about upgrading from my immersion chiller to a plate or counter flow chiller to be faster. I'm less concerned about the time it takes to chill my wort, and more concerned about the total time it consumes on brew day. It only takes a few minutes to drain and wash the immersion...
  6. K

    New Hombrew Shop in Lafayette, CO

    Just want to plug the new home brew store in Lafayette, Colorado. The owner, George, is a nice guy with a good inventory, especially for just opening up. I got tired of one of the other stores in the area always being out of something I needed, and I've been able to get my last four recipes from...
  7. K

    Side bines

    I'll cut back anything near the ground, and train or trim anything that is trying to encroach on neighboring plants (different variety), but other than that I let the side arms do what the want. Of course, I'm not a pro, but I did harvest 18 wet oz of Zeus today.
  8. K

    Transplating new rhizomes

    I'll second what Brent said, but also don't stress over what you do too much. They are pretty hearty plants. Semi off topic example: Hi Brent! Here's a picture of the Centennial you gave me a few years back. I left it in a pot under some trees for a year and pretty much neglected it...
  9. K

    Hoppy Fourth of July, Everyone!

    Colorado may be on fire, the air may smell like a camp fire, and this hot & dry year has been lousy for staying cool, but I have never harvested hops this early! I cut down my Zeus (middle pot), and I think I'll harvest the Willamette (left pot) this weekend or next. I'm very excited about the...
  10. K

    Left with rotten sticks...

    Don't worry too much about rooting hormones/compounds. I've cut off 6"-24" hops shoots and had them spit out roots after a week or two in just water. Sorry to hear about your new rhizomes. :(
  11. K

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2010?

    I brewed four five gallon batches last weekend, so 32933.25 of liquid goodness + 20 =32953.25 gallons
  12. K

    Who are the Facebook holdouts and why?

    I can call my friends, or, God forbid, SEE them in real life. I don't have time for Farmville or poking strangers online. But above all: NEVER NEVER NEVER document anything that may get you in trouble. Case in point: A college professor wanted to know what the deal is with Facebook and...
  13. K

    Hops Growing Problems

    Depending on the soil they are in, the fact that they stopped growing might be a sign that you need more fertilizer/plant food. Hops are hungry and pull up a lot of nutrients. But as they are first year hops I would want to know a lot more about your growing conditions before suggesting more...
  14. K

    Does anyone want some cuttings?

    I thought I'd bump this in case anyone else might want some hops right now. Turbosnail came and got some, I hope they are doing alright in his yard. Until I can convince any more of my friends that they need to grow hops for me:D I've still got some small plants with plenty of roots that are...
  15. K

    Another bug post

    I have a fair bit of those bugs on my hops, too. The good news is I also have lady bugs all over my hops. Last year I used soap to keep bugs down, but I haven't done anything yet this year. I don't want to kill the lady bugs, but I suspect that the lady bugs can't fully control the aphids...
  16. K

    EZ Cap Bottles lose all carbonation upon chilling

    Just to keep the old thread going, I also have given up on swing tops from the home brew store. The dozen I got had problems with at least half of them. I tried bending the wire bales, getting new gaskets, making my own gaskets, and then I put them on a shelf to never be used again. Bottle...
  17. K

    Does anyone want some cuttings?

    I feel a little guilty just throwing away all those cuttings I have trimmed from my hops, so I put some in water. They all shot out roots and now I have a bunch of little hops that have roots and leaves and no place to grow:( I know it's a little late in the season, but if anyone in the...
  18. K

    Growing Horizontal = OK ?

    I'm pretty sure I get the visual, but the real question: what was the yield? That goes for anyone else training your hops sideways: what's the yield?
  19. K

    When Should I prune my hops?

    Well, I trimmed them back to five per line; in case I get any damage to any bines I'll have an extra couple that will probably get chopped soon. I was also thinking about running the extras down the fence horizontally. I don't know how well it will work, but it could be a fun experiment...
  20. K

    When Should I prune my hops?

    I've been looking around a little more and it seems that around three bines per string is a reasonable number since too many per string will impede growth. I think I'll cut back to five per string right now just in case any of them get damaged, I'll still have plenty. But I still wonder, is...