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    Dave's Carmel Apple Cider .090 you are finished!
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    Dave's Carmel Apple Cider

    has anyone tried this using normal cane sugar, as opposed to corn sugar (dextrose)?? Any thoughts?
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    Caramel Apple Hard Cider

    Campden ALONE will not necessarily stop your yeast from continuing to eat your residual sugars and create bottle MUST use Pot. Sorbate along with it to truly stop it.
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    GROUP BREW: Strawberry Mead

    no problem keeping a dead thread alive, especially one that makes a good mead like this. I am actually starting a new 5 gal. batch of this today, for my sons graduation party in June. Yeah it'll be young at 4 months, but it'll still be good!! :ban:
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    Heating element with controller

    bellybuster I like the looks of that "pot" style controller..can you post how you wired it up to the heating element and power cord? I have "another" hobby as well, and am looking to power my 2000 watt 120vac heating element. Could use a simple wiring diagram, to get this up and running...
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    Cider's Just turning out too Dry...

    re-read this very OLD thread. Sugar will do nothing to sweeten your will just ferment out. To sweeten you'll need to "stop" active fermentation, either by cold crashing, which is the way I prefer, or you can use K-meta and then sorbate..but it will leave a bit of a "taste" to your...
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    GROUP BREW: Strawberry Mead

    Campden Tablets release sulfur dioxide when They are added in small doses directly to fresh fruits and juices 24 hours or so before adding yeast. ... This is to destroy any wild molds and bacteria that may have been on the fruit I use to use Campden and potassium sorbate to stop my...
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    GROUP BREW: Strawberry Mead

    gonna be starting up another 5 gallon batch of this next week..Anyone else gonna join in?? :)
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    Sweet strawberry mead

    If you want a Tried and True Strawberry mead recipe that will knock your socks off, and all of your guests..this is the one for you. I posted this quite some time ago. Everyone who has made it loves it. It's good stuff, and we've take ALL of the guesswork out for you! Good luck...
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    Lots of recipes, but which one!

    bein' from Minnesota, in about a month you'll have your CHOICE of fresh apples, you could get fresh pressed juice and you'd be MUCH better off than using Motts and or any other store brand juice. I do use Tree Top brand bottled AJ when I decide to make a cider not "in season" but that's very...
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    GROUP BREW: Strawberry Mead

    daugenet -- you aren't suppose to let it go until dry....crash it at about 1.012-1.015 and It'll be perfect!! I hate dry wines as well.
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    Caramel Apple Mead

    Hey Summer...I've been absent from the boards for quite a while..took a break from brewing..but am kicking back up again..and this is going to be my first mead to make for the new year. Gathering ingredients now! I can't believe I haven't made this one yet, but there are soooooooo many good...
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    GROUP BREW: Strawberry Mead

    WOW...I am so glad this thread is still going! I love this mead, and plan on brewing up another batch this winter at some point. It's SOOOO good!! Glad you guys like it Dan
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    GROUP BREW: Strawberry Mead are right..I should have corrected that....I wish the EDIT function would work...but it only lets you edit for so long..then the edit option is I couldn't go back and add that into my first post. But you are correct..this stuff is very drinkable young..but a bit
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    GROUP BREW: Strawberry Mead

    it's suppose to finish at about 1.020 or 1.015 because you are SUPPOSE to stop it...this bit of info was left out, because this recipe isn't intended to be a step by step guide for new mazers....but rather people who have brewed many meads, and understand that this particular yeast will take it...
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    Backsweetening my very tart raspberry cider

    +1 on the's my first choice for backsweetening all of my ciders....I try and use a "fruit" type honey...for instance, if I make raspberry hard cider...I'll backsweeten with Raspberry blossom honey, or another good one is orange blossom honey. And no off tastes like other sweeteners...
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    GROUP BREW: Strawberry Mead

    1116 is THE preferred yeast for this it really ups the alcohol content in this mead, yet still lets almost ALL of the great strawberry taste and flavor and aroma come through to the end. I would not want to use any other. I am on my 3rd 5 gallon batch of this stuff now.
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    GROUP BREW: Strawberry Mead

    no worries..I use a bucket for this one all time, because with a carboy or BB you can't effectively punch the cap as you can with a bucket. you have a spigot on your bucket? You can just use that to siphon off into secondary..or use a racking cane.and it'll help to not suck up as...
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    Southern Sweet Cider

    if you like this simple one, you'll love this next I brewed up. I used some advice from CvilleKevin and came up with a super simple, and tasty hard cider 5 gallons tree topp AJ 2-3lbs of raw Orange blossom honey to take the O.G. to 1.065 add 4 gallons of Tree Top AJ to primary. Warm a...
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    GROUP BREW: Strawberry Mead

    well do NOT put a lid and airlock on at'll have a will foam, and bubble and produce alot of "head" as you "punch the cap" everyday..just loosely cover with a lint free cloth, and keep the entire fermenter in your bathtub..It is a very messy ferment..but it is totally worth...