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    Ispindel taking on liquid

    This has some improvement tips for the same.
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    Any automated way to measure gravity during boiling stage?

    Hello homebrewers, I was wondering if anyone has tried any automated way of measuring gravity during boiling stage? I often have to do adjustments to my water level before I cool the wort for fermentation to get the right pre-fermentation gravity. I usually take a sample, cool it down to ~25...
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    Bierbot Brick - Alternate method of building a brick

    For those who have tried @Bernhard's Bierbot brick(Bierbot github), here is another way to build your own BB brick. Bierbot(Home | BierBot | Homebrewing automation) is a software designed to support your brewing process. They sell readymade Bierbot bricks but you can also build your own using a...
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    Hello from Bangalore, IND

    Thanks. Also I have never been a fan of KF.
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    Hello from Bangalore, IND

    For sure. 👍
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    Hello from Bangalore, IND

    Hi fellow brewers, My name's Nikhil and I am from Bangalore, India. Brewing since past 6 months(latest one is a American Blue Moon clone). Recently started exploring automation in brewing and would love to hear/share ideas on both. Happy 2022 everyone!