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    Yeast starter help

    I would pitch the small jar and make another starter with the large.
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    Vegetable taste???

    Toss it. Why ruin the other four gallons if you don't have to
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    Very Sour - What would you do?

    A little bit better answer than my previous one. First of all you already have two years into this what's another 6 to 12 months. If it was me in this predicament i would brew the same beer ferment it out with a clean sacc strain. Then pitch a menagerie of Brett strains in secondary. Use that...
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    Very Sour - What would you do?

    +1 blend it.
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    Added dregs to an American Brown Ale

    For mixed fermentation I use wyeast or grow up bottle dregs. For Brett beers I use white labs and bottle dregs. For lacto only I use a probiotic called pb-8. I really like adding fresh packs with bottle dregs from 4 to 6 bottles
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    Added dregs to an American Brown Ale

    I brew up an extra gallon every brew day just for bottle dregs. Let them sit for 6 to 12 months. If the beer is good the next time I'm brew it I do 10 gallons and split the batch half sour half clean. I just use the cake from the gallon on the sour.
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    The "Dear" , "Sincerely" thread

    Dear neighbor, My front yard is not snow storage for your driveway. Keep it up and I will get a skid and dump trailor and you won't have a driveway til spring. Remember Christmas is coming and you will be at your cabin for a few weeks. I would just start throwing my spent hops on the ground for...
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    Help - your opinion needed

    I would go with more at least 1.5 pounds per gallon strawberries fade fast. May I also suggest going with frozen strawberries.
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    Maple beer ideas

    Fenugreek will add maplr flavor. I'm not sure how much to use though.
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    Help - your opinion needed

    It's gonna take an awful lot of strawberries to get strawberry flavor I would go with raspberries personally. A pound per gallon gets me where I want to go. Fructose is a simple sugar the sacc will have no problem fermenting out the sugars from whatever fruit you use. Don't worry about that...
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    What is this?

    Oh my god you need to send this to me for proper disposal. It looks like krausen that didn't fall out no worries.
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    Wild yeast what could it be?

    Kinda want a culture now. I have a bunch of sour browns I've been thinking about blending. Glad everything is working out for you.
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    Green coffee

    Has any one used green coffee as an additive? I'm brewing a stout in a few weeks and I plan on splitting the batch with 05 and some dregs from my cellar. I have been thinking of adding a touch of green coffee to the sour side. I'm also thinking what other direction I could go with green...
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    A sad day

    What does it look like? If it is green dump it if it is a white powdery looking taste it. I know unintended infections rarely produce a hood sour beer. But you will never know if you don't try it.
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    Funny thing I over heard today.

    Had an equipment snafu today. While mashing in. Me "%@-$- we just lost the bazooka tube." Brew partener in the most monotone calm voice. " Well now it's a 10 hour brew day." The way he said it was so funny I about pissed myself. Happy Saturday.
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    The "Dear" , "Sincerely" thread

    Dear past self, You sir are a knucklehead. Really you were at the hardware store buying new tubing. Why on earth did you decide not to grab the screw for the grain mill. I don't know. Maybe you like crushing 30 lbs of grain by hand. Masochist. Sincerely hoping I remeber next time.
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    Suggestions on cheap brew

    This is pretty tasty
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    Selfish Question

    If your work commute is long or if there is opportunity at work binge listen to brewing with style and brew strong from the brewing network.
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    Best way to aviod a hangover!