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    Under Carbed - Honey Primed

    Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I tried but the phone app wouldn't post it. I think that if you haven't gotten good carbonation in 4 weeks then it would be time to address the issue. I would personally add more yeast before sugar because often times my priming woes were from an extended...
  2. K

    Under Carbed - Honey Primed

    Go with numbers 1 and 4. How did you make your honey mixture? What was the yeast used as well as the final ABV? I find most beers get properly carbonated in time but some high ABV ones require extra yeast at bottling. 2 weeks for an imperial Stout is not really enough time though. 4 to 6 would...
  3. K

    Drip Brewed Coffee & Flavor/Richness

    Try a French press. They emulsify the oils instead of trapping them in a filter.
  4. K

    First time trying RedX malt an Equinox hops

    Red-x is a good base malt. It doesn't always perform as advertised but I really like it's complexity in hop forward beers. No experience with equinox though.
  5. K

    Can I mix finished beer w/ my beer prior to bottling?

    Some beers only taste meh when you get to the bottling phase. 3 weeks in the bottle and some fizz can make a beer taste significantly better.
  6. K

    Men who sit to pee

    Sometimes I sit and sometimes I stand. Mostly I just do whatever I feel like and don't give a damn about it. I didn't even consider that my manhood might be in question because I might sit to pee once in a while. But I really encourage all who stand to make sure you AIM that thing. My son will...
  7. K

    FastFerment and Saving Yeast?

    Your best bet would be to use the Mr malty calculator to estimate your cells and go from there. I never wash yeast I plan to reuse.
  8. K

    Hall of shame

    Brewing extract is not inferior brewing. It is just less controlled brewing. Brewing all grain won't make you a better brewer if you lack the capabilities to manage fermentations properly. If you buy some deeply discounted extract kids that are over a year old then you are asking for bad beer...
  9. K

    Fermentation stopped after 6 days?

    First thing to learn about brewing is patience. If it is done fermenting it still won't be done done. It will be done when it has cleared in 4 to 6 weeks. It doesn't have foam because it doesn't have suitable protein for making it. If you want to try and salvage this into something respectable...
  10. K

    Best yeast to finish / lower final gravity with

    Typically I don't change my yeast to get a drier beer. Usually I modify me mash schedule to create more fermentables or I add dextrose or some other 100% fermentable sugar. For me, yeast choice is primarily dictated by flavor profile and my fermenting temps.
  11. K

    Decoction Mash Video

    Used the info in these videos to plan out the decoction I am currently making. Thanks again Kai.
  12. K

    A SmAsH LAGER?

    Pilsners are pilsener malt and saaz hops traditionally. But for a first lager I recommend an Oktoberfest because it won't highlight flaws as much as a pilsner would.
  13. K

    Dandelion Wine

    I would make a 2 gallon batch.
  14. K

    Dandelion Wine

    Perhaps. You have gone more than twice the timeframe recommended in the first post. Did you at least stir it twice daily for the five day soak?
  15. K

    Maximum Return on Investment- The Supermarket

    Speaking of stock. We buy a rotisserie chicken from the store and eat that then make stock with the bones. The price difference between the already cooked rotisserie and the uncooked chicken is about 70 cents.
  16. K

    First batch - AHS Summer Crisp - Sanity Check

    Now that it has reached final gravity the temp shouldn't be much of an issue. In fact a nice room temp of 72-75 might help the yeast clean up the diacetyl. The higher than expected final gravity is pretty normal on extract beers. If it were me I would bottle it up and age it in the bottles to...
  17. K

    why would a pre-assembled kit....

    To get the correct gravity. Most dme comes in 1, 3, or 5 lb increments. Lme comes in 3.3 lb cans or is poured into a container (my lhbs containers are 7 lb) with a certain amount. Some recipes make use of the oddities in sizing to make the correct gravity.
  18. K

    Kettle etching increments This is the thread that started the byo article. Lots of neat work in it.
  19. K

    Meade Recipe reduction question

    I typically scale 1:1, so 5 gallons calling for 15 lbs of honey would be 3 gallons calling for 9 lbs honey. I can't comment on whether that works out for keeping everything the same (as I have never scaled my own recipes for subsequent brews) but it is going to keep the SG the same and is really...
  20. K

    Plastic bottle for secondary?

    I like glass for anything longer than 2 months but will gladly use a better bottle for under that. I rarely bulk age beer for more than a month, mead on the other hand....