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    Which electric controller?

    I finished mine some time ago and had to deal with those exact issues. Took some time to correlate all the information and find the missing wires. But the good news is that once its running, it does a great job!
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    Finally opening my Brewery!

    I have been seriously considering opening (yet another) brewery here in San Diego. Your story is very similar to the Langunitas story (Excellent, fun read. VERY funny in parts. Had me in tears laughing at some of the stuff...
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    Which is more efficient? Plate Chiller or Counterflow?

    PC? This is (I believe) my counterflow.
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    Which is more efficient? Plate Chiller or Counterflow?

    I currently have a pretty good counterflow chiller made of copper. It seems to do the job fairly well and quickly. But it does seem to use a lot of water in the process. So, before I invest in a plate chiller, I must ask: will a 40 plate chiller be more efficient than what I have? Has anyone...
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    DIY BrewEasy

    I did pretty much the exact thing (boil kettle is 16 gallons, Mash is 10). Same controller. K-Rims is what its considered I believe. Finished it a little while ago and have completed two brews on it. Getting around 77% efficiency, so am happy with that. I can do 10 gal batches with careful...
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    Pros and cons of "fast ferment" ?

    I think its a hit or miss thing. Plastics manufacturing can be like that. This is why I pointed to quality control, where such faults should be detected prior to shipment. Once this batch is done, I am going to send it back. perhaps an exchange will be sufficient. Hopefully my next one is correct.
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    Wine, Beer, Cheese, now Cider!

    I have been doing some looking into making Cider, mostly from requests from coworkers. Looks pretty simple and straight forward. Also looks like I can use everything I already have. I have read through the sticky notes in this forum. Is it really that simple? Any step by steps out there?
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    Native ESP8266 BrewPi Firmware - WiFi BrewPi, no Arduino needed!

    I have a Tilt, Pi Zero W running Fermentrack and its working beautifully! Geeking out while watching my fermentation proceed. But, I cant watch it outside of my home network. Is there an easy way to do that? Also, is it possible to get a camera going with it?
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    New post a picture of your pint

    Irish Red! Goes down REAL fast! (Bad lighting)
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    Weird topic for ya - Digital Monitoring

    Smooth? LOL No. I ended up destroying two Pi's in the process. LOL My soldering iron tip was far too large. (GF doesnt complain though ;) ) Once I figured out the nuances of getting Pi setup, imaged, and so on, things worked flawlessly. Was a lot of fun actually.
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    Weird topic for ya - Digital Monitoring

    Dude. Got my Tilt, built up the Pi Zero, attached a small 3.5" display, and its all up and running. A bit of a learning curve on the Pi, but that was fun. The display is just so I can interact directly (or use SSH) with the Pi when I need to. Love the data out of it! Only had it running for a...
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    Irish Red, Fermenting but no bubbles

    The Irish Red is in the bottles. All nice and happily primed. The samples were REALLY good and I cant wait for this to be DONE!!! With the fermenter empty and clean, I did some testing and found (shock!) that the lid simply wont seal. Messed with it for an hour before I decided that Bees Wax...
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    Fermentation chamber heating?

    On my small fermenter, which happens to be a FastFerment, I use a heating pad designed for seedlings. The shape is odd, but I fit it around the midsection and cram the temp probe in the thermowell. Duct tape holds it in place. It worked spectacularly well and maintained a temp within a degree...
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    Water Filtration

    We have pretty hard water here. 203. Alkalinity of 106 Bicarbonate of 125 pH of 7.95 Calcium 50 Magnesium 19 Sodium 76 Potassium 4.0 Chlorine Residual 2.9 Thihalomethanes 37 Haloacetic Acids 16 Chlorite .15 Looks like most my metrics are pretty bad. How do I make this more suitable for brewing?
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    Cream Ale Recomendations?

    Let us know how it turns out. I was looking at that one.
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    Cream Ale Recomendations?

    Anyone know of a really good Cream Ale recipe (All Grain) or kit? I would love to brew a batch and try it out.
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    Excellent topic. I am about to bottle my brew. In the past I have had various issues: 1 batch had a few exploded bottles (Too much primer!) 1 batch ended up WAY too carbonated and tasted acidic So this time, I am going to prime with my 3.8oz sugar boiled per advice here.
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    What do you do with your beer?

    Brew set-up: Electric K-RIMS 5-10 gallon batches run with a 30A BIAB controller. Two different fermenters depending on batch size. What I do with my beer: Share about 2/3 of the batch with friends. Drink the rest with my son. Now that I have everything converted to electric and have one batch...
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    Escondido Brewing

    No solar. Roof needs to be totally replaced and we are seriously considering going solar at that time. However I also want a battery backup system if I go solar, partially because I geek out on such things, and partially because I really seriously hate SDGE. I have a counterflow copper coil...