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    First Time Lager Question

    I started my first Lager two weeks ago. I am excited to finally have space to maintain a couple of carboys at lagering temperatures, but I have a quick question. The instructions I received said to ferment for two weeks at about 50 degrees, then to lager for a couple months at around 40-42...
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Ed, you Motherf@cker!!! We went through an entire keg of Apfelwein last night at our national homebrew day party. Everyone loved it, but now they are probably all cursing you! I am going to try to get some pics of the party up tonight. My head is still pounding.
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    Any Cyclist, tri's or MTn bike racers on this site

    I was a casual cycling racer for a couple of years out of high school and I loved it. I am just getting back into shape and hope to join my friend's adventure racing team in the spring on 2010. No tips here, but good luck!
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    After about 5 weeks my first batch of Apfelwein was crystal clear and came in at 1.001. I drank the sample jar and WOW! This stuff is gonna be great! It is in the Keg and will debut at our National Homebrew Day Bacon and Beer Fest next month.
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    My apfelwein slowes, i repitched and it stopped?

    Take a hydrometer reading. Most people will advocate just letting it sit in the carboy until it clears, then bottle.
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    Beer Wars: The Movie

    I wish I could go, but I am going to be out of town!
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    Utah is considering legalizing homebrew!

    The ONLY good thing about Prohibition is that its advocates understood that it required an actual amendment to the Constitution. Unfortunately politicians these days prohibit drugs outside the realm of their constitutional authority.
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    Three Stooges Movie !!!

    This is going to be a disaster... I like the actors, but it can't be done.
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    Awful product names that still made it.

    Haha! +1 I always hated having to walk up 2 flights of stairs to get to the first floor! (Ground, mezzanine, 1st)
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    Earth Hour

    Being a responsible steward of the earth is very important to me. That said, this thing is absolutely retarded. These people are caught up in a religious revival not based on scientific facts. Come to the church of global warming!
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    Drink less? Crazy!

    +1! I am 6'5", 230 lbs with a very high metabolism. I certainly can't feel anything after 2 drinks... Had 6 drinks last night which gave me the perfect little buzz. I would love to get my own breathalyzer so I can see how the drinks really affect my BAC.
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    American Pale Ale Bee Cave Brewery Haus Pale Ale

    I brewed 2 batches of this on Saturday afternoon/evening. I had forgotten which yeast the recipe called for (nottingham), so I got a Nottingham for one batch and a Windsor for the other. The Nottingham batch (into primary at about 9pm saturday night) had amazingly fast fermentation. At about...
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    VODKA KIT HELP 0 reading on hydrometer

    I guess they don't have shift keys or periods on their keyboards across the pond? Enjoy your hooch, and the headache.
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    March Madness is here!!

    I don't really follow sports -- at all -- but I wanted to fill out a bracket and participate with the other guys in the office. I flipped a penny for every game to guess the winner. As of right now Mr. Penny is 7/7! I am beating everybody in the office. I know it won't last, but it is still...
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    Announcement to potential keezer builders!!

    The demand for used chest freezers is huge out here. The only one I have seen in the last month for under $100 is the one I snagged for $40 a couple minutes after the ad went up. I plan on selling it for $100 as soon as I can afford a bigger/newer model.
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    Best and Worst zombie movie ever

    True story. I was so disappointed with that one...
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    Best and Worst zombie movie ever

    Best: Dawn of the Dead Shaun of the Dead Fido 28 Days Later (I LOVE the "fast zombie" concept! ...and yes, I know they aren't really zombies...)
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    Zombipocalypse Survival Kit

    Best survival site ever: HURRICANE KATRINA This guy learned a lot of his lessons on what to bring/not to bring the hard way when he fled Katrina. All of his advice is first hand and very practical. Read it!
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    So should I move it or sell it?

    +1 on Amtrak! I was going to suggest that, but Tenchiro beat me to it. Build a couple of pallets out of anything that won't fit in the moving truck. I think moving everything but the chest freezer is the best plan. At least around these parts, those freezers have terrific resale value and...
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    Need advice, figured here would be pretty anonymous

    Can a paternity test be done before birth? I don't see any reason to tell anyone until you know whether or not the kid is yours. If it is and you both decide you can't take care of it, consider adoption. There are a lot of people out there ready to provide a loving home to the kids they can't...