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  1. easttex

    Favorite HME Brand?

    I've brewed a few Coopers kits. Mixed results with their yeast and no much head retention but it was easy to brew "drinkin' beer" that wasn't too expensive.
  2. easttex

    Working on a Wheat Stout Recipe

    I honestly don't know because I've never brewed with 6-row. Try it and add some roast barely, too. You'll probably make a good beer.
  3. easttex

    Working on a Wheat Stout Recipe

    Smooth mouthfeel. Fair bitterness without astringency plays well with grainy sweetness from all the wheat. As it lacks roast barley, it drinks more like a dark lager than a stout. It finished slightly underattenuated at 1.018 and wound up at 4% ABV which makes for a very drinkable beer. It's...
  4. easttex

    Working on a Wheat Stout Recipe

    If nothing else, I wanted to close the loop so this wasn't yet another thread with no ending.
  5. easttex

    Working on a Wheat Stout Recipe

    Here is the finished beer. 2.7kg White wheat 1.6kg 2-row barley 0.57kg Midnight wheat 0.32kg Caramel 60 0.20kg Flake wheat 0.58kg Rice hulls 17g Nugget Hops (16% AA) at 60 minutes Mash 50°C for 30mins, then 67°C for 30mins, then mash out at 75°C for ten minutes. Sparge. 60 min boil...
  6. easttex

    I've got a corny keg that has a post with buggered up threads.

    Or, plug the hole, get a carbonation lid, and use the remaining side for a liquid post.
  7. easttex

    I've got a corny keg that has a post with buggered up threads.

    Thread repair files. I own a couple and they're made for situations like this where you can't get a die to chase the threads. Still and all, you can probably buy a used keg for this would cost to remedy if you look around a bit.
  8. easttex

    Greetings from Iran! (sorry for the long introduction)

    I have nothing substantive to add to the thread other than to welcome you and wish you the best of luck. ...And don't get caught.
  9. easttex

    For Sale Single Tier Brutus stand with control panel

    That's quite a value for someone looking to get serious about brewing. Good luck with your sale.
  10. easttex

    Can you brew a hefeweizen with safale t58?

    You can brew a wheat beer with T58 but I don't think it will have the same flavor profile as a Hefeweizen. It may turn out as more of a witbier. But you can definitely ferment a wheat beer with T58. Be forewarned that T58 is a pretty violent fermenter and liable to make a mess of a wheat...
  11. easttex

    Lager Yeast That Doesn't Make Diacetyl (PRE-ORDER NOW)

    I'm in for a couple packs. Will pull the trigger this evening.
  12. easttex

    Lagering temps and the affect on beer

    In my limited experience, nothing. You've already made the beer. Storing it slightly warmer won't have much effect on it.
  13. easttex

    How the heck do I disassemble the Gigawort ball valve?

    If you need to hold the nipple in place or tighten it, wrap it up in several layers of electrical tape, then carefully grab it with a pair of Channellocks and tighten it. Tighten the nipple until it's tight, then tighten the ball valve. If you need to tighten the valve against the nipple, you...
  14. easttex

    Working on a Wheat Stout Recipe

    Lots of good feedback here and I think you all for taking time to respond. Here are my thoughts: Amongst other things, I am trying to burn up ingredients I have around the house. I brew with a lot of 2-row and need to burn up about 15lbs of it so I'm sticking with that for now. Ditto the...
  15. easttex

    Working on a Wheat Stout Recipe

    Have decided I'd like to try my hand at brewing a wheat stout later this month. There isn't much about them online, but I have a general idea about what I want. 5lbs 5.00 38% 2-Row 3lbs 8oz 3.50 27% White Wheat 1lbs 8oz 1.50 12% Red Wheat 1lbs 4oz 1.25 10% Blonde Roast Oats 12oz...
  16. easttex

    Kveik stopping at 1.020?

    So this is a mostly extract batch? Which strain of kveik are you using? What is your fermentation temp? I've had trouble with extract beers attenuating as low as I'd like them to. Further, some yeasts are better at attenuating than others. Lastly, I've had yeast that threw up the FU! flag...
  17. easttex

    grain weevils in my stuff

    Since you're storing all this in gamma lid buckets, I would've poured the grain into its bucket and dropped a chunk of dry ice on top. It'll subliminate into CO2 and gas the little buggers to death. Dry ice in the grain bucket is a prepper trick for long term storage. It not only kills bugs...
  18. easttex

    How to make woodruff syrup?

    Is that a fair comparison though? Safrole may be carcinogenic in high doses over a long period of time. Coumarin is a blood thinner that can cause a lot of harm is too much if ingested. I'd be careful with it.
  19. easttex

    Advice on Pitching yeast for Bottling Conditioning a 7-month Carboy aged Russian Imperial Stout (19l batch)

    When I bottle condition led the last Imperial stout I made, made a small, quick starter using US-05. Then decanted the starter into a keg with priming sugar solution and racked the beer on top of that. Then I used my bottling gun to transfer the sugar-and-fresh yeast charged beer into the...
  20. easttex

    Porter Recipe Feedback

    Looks good to me. Brew it and see if you like it. If you want more color or roast flavor, you can rebrew it and add some roast barley other darker malt to the grist. If you want to make it an English porter, sub Maris Otter for 2-row and use an English yeast.