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  1. maltMonkey

    New brewstand, new logo

    sorry - the photobucket iphone app does weird things sometimes. strangely enough they showed up correctly on my phone. they are fixed now :mug:
  2. maltMonkey

    2 Car Brewery - new logo

    Thanks guys. I posted a couple pics of it in use here.
  3. maltMonkey

    New brewstand, new logo

    I just finished building a new brewstand, and thought it deserved a new logo. I've been loving brewing with this thing-every problem or annoyance I had with my old setup I solved with this one....and it looks nicer to boot. Sorry about the crappy phone pics.
  4. maltMonkey

    2 Car Brewery - new logo

    just finished it the other day - haven't decided if I'm going to create a color version or not.
  5. maltMonkey

    Compressed air in cooled wort?

    thanks guys - I won't do it again.
  6. maltMonkey

    Compressed air in cooled wort?

    I had one, but I hated stirring like crazy for 15 minutes, hence the counterflow chiller upgrade.
  7. maltMonkey

    Sanitizing in dishwasher - A cautionary tale

    I've bottled over 60 batches with my dishwasher. Mine has a 'Sanitize' setting, and they cannot use that term on a dishwasher unless it actually is actually NSF CERTIFIED to remove 99.9% of the bacteria from whatever is inside (NSF Reference) It's far superior to any other method I've tried -...
  8. maltMonkey

    Compressed air in cooled wort?

    anyone think something like this would work?
  9. maltMonkey

    Compressed air in cooled wort?

    No, and I have never used any air tools with this compressor - the only thing that has ever been attached to it is an air hose with a shutoff nozzle.
  10. maltMonkey

    Compressed air in cooled wort?

    I was brewing last night and near the end of the boil I noticed that my Therminator outlet hose had gotten too close to the burner and had melted. I scrambled around to find a replacement hose and parts, meanwhile I turned down the kettle heat to just boiling, and pulled the hops out at what...
  11. maltMonkey

    Can I bottle?

    No harm will come from waiting, so it's not bad advice, but I've brewed milk stouts before and they all finish high. Of course it depends on a lot of variables like yeast strain, yeast health, yeast amount, fermenting temperature, recipe, etc, but if I had a milk stout fermenting for 3 weeks...
  12. maltMonkey

    Cherry Flavoring for Cherry Ale

    I tried cherry extract for the first time a couple weeks ago. It was a 4oz bottle and the instructions said to use the entire bottle for 5 gallons. I didn't trust this so I poured 1 cup of the beer into a measuring glass and started adding drops of extract in with a small pipette. I put 10...
  13. maltMonkey

    Can I bottle?

    milk stouts are suppose to finish high - if the hydrometer hasn't moved in a couple days then it's fine to bottle - especially if it's fermented for 3+ weeks
  14. maltMonkey

    Over attenuation - I think i may be on to something. Diagnosis and solution?

    Interesting.... I have never had a beer finish below 1.011, with 1.014-1.017 or so being pretty average for around a 5% beer. Everything I use is calibrated, and I have always mashed out (both with fly and batch sparging). I normally mash around 152°, but haven't really seen a huge difference...
  15. maltMonkey

    Bottling 3 batches on the same day

    But they use yeast with known attenuation. Say you bottle a batch that used a yeast with 68% attenuation, and then added some yeast with 77% attenuation: potential bottle bomb.
  16. maltMonkey

    Bottling 3 batches on the same day

    I would sanitize between each batch. The longer you handle equipment the more chance for bad stuff, plus you would be mixing yeasts (unless they all use the same yeast strain). Personally, I'd rather take the extra 10 minutes to be safe.
  17. maltMonkey

    what is goin on with this beer?

    what's the issue? 1.016 sounds pretty low for an imperial anything.
  18. maltMonkey

    Can murdering neighbors be legalized?

    I <3 my leaf blower. That is all.
  19. maltMonkey

    Will someone critique this recipe to help me get what im looking for.

    I would get rid of a lot of that crystal if it were me. IPAs should be dry, and since that's what you're looking for I would change the 1 lb crystal 20 to 1/2 lb crystal 40 - you will get the same color. I would be tempted to cut the carapils in half too, but that's me. Other than that it...
  20. maltMonkey

    Where are thou yeast?

    I disagree, but it probably depends on your lhbs. Mine only carries liquid yeast that is over a year old, and that is certainly worse than having fresh yeast shipped to you. The upside to buying from a big supplier online is that they have constant turnover so you always get fresh yeast - and...